Class History—Basic Cadet Training, Summer, 1961

(from "Saturday Evening Post" issue of 1961-10-14)

The Article

The article begins... and ends...

The Pictures

Cover x
Cutting the apron strings x
Oops, I'm NOT in the Navy now x
Learning to talk again x
Learning the rules real fast x
You, paper clip boy, straighten it! x
Like the new do? x
Learning to eat again (Table Commandant reported by Billy Swick to be John H. Norris, '63, CS-5 Commander; TB knows that has to be old MacDill AFB friend Bart Raspotnik [CS-5] at second from right; Billy also ID'd Gerry D. Huff [CS-5] to Bart's right and closest to Norris and W. H. Cathey [CS-6] to Bart's left) x
Shower formation x
Taking the oath (Bill Peavy thinks that is "F" Squadron in the foreground—believes he sees Don "Fuzzy" Rogers [CS-18,17] and Wayne Arnold [CS-16] as the two doolies just behind the upperclassmen; TB agrees with the Wayne ID but doesn't think the other is Fuzzy) x