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Lots of news to report, most sad but some good! (This report is late for a lot of reasons, but a main one is laziness.)

First the good news, Dave Backus (CS-10) has been brought back to life! I'm still not sure how I heard Dave had passed away, but three of his CS-10 mates noticed (Chuck Coleman, Tom Plank, and Garey Matsuyama) and let me know about the error. I had listed his death as 2022-02-24, but that has been erased so his picture is now bordered in white again.

Also some good news: the CS pictures and the memorial rolls are again downloadable.

Now the sad news. Both the AOG and Bill Swick (CS-23) have provided reports of final flights. But I will need some time to catch up so I will add the names and update the deceaseds' pictures later.


I got a call on 31 July from Dave Bennett, CS-17, telling me our classmate and Dave's good friend, Jock Patterson, had passed away on 29 July. He was notified by Jock's wife, Jane, and Dave will assist Jane in getting appropriate information to the AOG.

In the meantime, you may send condolences and prayers to Jane at: 631 Sea Turtle Way, Newport News VA 23601.


  • I am just now getting this online due to my being away from home until late yesterday, and I will pass on more details as I get them.
  • Squadron pictures and current CS rosters are downloading fine now.


[NOTE: Downloads for squadron pictures and current CS rosters (Excel files) are currently broken. I hope to get them fixed soon.]

This belated news is written as I attend a mini-reunion of CS-24 at Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Thanks to the research of Bill Swick (CS-23), Jerry Pipinich (CS-23), Marc Sabin (CS-03), and the AOG, we sadly list the following final flights of classmates:

  • Jimmy K. Burdue, CS-23, d: 1977-05-24
  • Raymond M. Toler, CS-11, d: 1984-12-15
  • Dan Denton, CS-02, d: 2004-06-23
  • Louis G. Beary, CS-01, d: 2007-09-12
  • Edward J. Hayes III, CS-07, d: 2016-04-05
  • Larry C. Tollstam, CS-02, d: 2021-08-04
  • Harry C. Harrison, CS-24, d: 2021-09-00
  • David L. Backus, CS-10, d: 2022-02-24
  • Kent R. Shannon, CS-23, d: 2022-04-19
  • James T. Robison, CS-12, d: 2022-07-19
  • Gary W. Titmas, CS-23, d: 2022-09-09
  • John C. Tait, CS-18, d: 2022-09-25
  • James R. Piper, Jr., CS-20, d: 2022-11-24
  • Michael F. Tedesco, CS-21, d: 2022-12-16


Reference recently deceased classmate "Tack" Hamby, CS-20: a correction

Yesterday we received notice from the AOG of a correction to the date of the graveside service, quote:

Correction: The graveside service will be held on 8 Oct 2021 at 1400 hours at the USAFA Cemetery. The corrected notice is below. We apologize for the error.

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Henry G. “Tack” Hamby, III, CS-20 class of 1965. Col Hamby passed away on 25 Jul 2021 in Alexandria, VA. A memorial service was held on 27 Aug 2021 at 1100 hours at Emmanuel Episcopal Church; 1608 Russell Rd; Alexandria, VA 22301. A graveside service will be held on 8 Oct 2021 at 1400 hours at the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather, the graveside service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his son, Brad: Lt Col (Ret) Henry G. “Brad” Hamby, IV; 415 S Russell Rd; Spokane, WA 99224-9712

End quote.


Sadly, another last take-off: Classmate Henry G. "Tack" Hamby, CS-20.

A few minutes ago the AOG reported, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Henry G. “Tack” Hamby, III, CS-20 class of 1965. Col Hamby passed away on 25 Jul 2021 in Alexandria, VA. A memorial service was held on 27 Aug 2021 at 1100 hours at Emmanuel Episcopal Church; 1608 Russell Rd; Alexandria, VA 22301. A graveside service will be held on 2 Sep 2021 at 1400 hours at the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather, the graveside service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his son, Brad: Lt Col (Ret) Henry G. “Brad” Hamby, IV; 415 S Russell Rd; Spokane, WA 99224-9712

End quote.


On a current note: Marc Sabin, CS-03, has long been writing his opinions and the results of his research on cultural, political, and economic issues affecting modern-day society and sharing them with a list of friends and family and many classmates (including yours truly). He is currently heavily involved with, among other things, the effects of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as it is being introduced in public schools, colleges (including the military academies), and the US armed services. If you would like to be put on his email list, please email me (see address in the header of the home page) and I will pass your address on to Marc.

(WARNING, reading Marc's emails may make your head explode if you're not a rational person.)


Some more belated, sad news. From Tom Murawski, CS-5, an update on deceased classmates we haven't documented as yet (all from CS-5): Kenneth D. Anderson, Raymond P. Cobb, Benjamin R. Martin III, and Henry H. Snodgrass, Jr. Their dates of death are shown under their names on the CS-5 page on this website. Unfortunately we don't know Raymond Cobb's date of death, but it was somtime in the 1980s and is shown on the CS-5 page as 198?-??-??.

We salute them, our departed brothers in arms.


Update from Dick's son Chuck, quote:

Dad passed on August 5th. There is a memorial website at https://everloved.com/life-of/richard-husemann/ that has a bit more information, pictures, and his obituary.

End quote.


A mixture of sad and good news today. First the sad:

Dick Husemann, CS-22, had his last takeoff last week. The news was reported first by Ron Bailey yesterday, and also by Dick's son, Chuck, who gave us some details on funeral arrangements, quote:

I am writing you with the unfortunate news that my father passed away last week due to complications from multiple myeloma. Dad fought it for as long as he could but the disease had became more aggressive over the last several months.

He will have a funeral mass next Friday (August 20th) at 13:00 at St Mark’s Church (1013 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403). The mass will be followed by a short reception.

End quote.

In other news, Dennis Murphy reluctantly resigned his position as class Senator due to physical limitations while recovering from surgery. We greatly appreciate the years and time devoted to Senatorial duties for us. Many thanks, Murph!

Murph and class President Bart Holaday put the arm on and convinced Jim Vick, CS-15, to serve as our new Senator. Congratulations, Jim, we look forward to your service. Thanks for volunteering for the job!


Sad news from the AOG yesterday: Christopher Currie, CS-16, had his last flight on 2021-06-18, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Maj (Ret) Christopher C. Currie, CS-16 class of 1965. Major Currie passed away on 18 Jun 2021 in Pascoag, RI. Funeral services were private at the family’s request. His obituary can be found and condolences left online at Boucher Funeral Home.

End quote.


More, belated sad news. Dave Moore, CS-23, had his last flight on 2021-04-28. From Jerry Pipinich, via Bill Swick, quote:

Dave Moore passed away at 9 this morning.

Following is what I am aware of to the best of my knowledge: He was on hospice for only 4 days. Dave had been on dialysis for several years, had suffered a heart attack last year, has had heart surgery as well as knee replacement and Lord knows what else. He has been in severe pain for months and chose to stop all medication and go on hospice. The decision was a difficult one, but it was Dave’s.

If anyone needs contact info for Dave’s wife Sharon, contact me. Dave is also survived by a son Michael. A son Jeffrey passed away a few years ago.

End quote.


I'm sorry to have to pass on the sad news of the last flight of Rick Barton, CS-10. From the AoG yesterday, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Richard “Rick” Barton, Jr. CS-10, class of 1965. Colonel Barton passed away on 12 Oct 2020 in Prattville, AL. Visitation was held on 15 Oct 2020, followed by a funeral service at the Prattville Memorial Chapel and Memory Gardens. His obituary can be seen here. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Patricia: Mrs. Patricia Barton; 106 Julia Street; Prattville, AL 36066-5322.

End quote.


Sadly I have to report the passing of Maureen McCann, beloved wife of Frank McCann, CS-4. From Ken McAlear, in an e-mail to Scribe Bill Roberts, quote:

Dear Fightin' 4th Classmates,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Maureen McCann died yesterday morning from complications of a stroke that she had on February 8th. Although still in ICU, she had been alert and talking with Frank. Monday night she took a turn for the worse and they operated again, but she died Tuesday morning at 4:00 AM.

I talked to Frank this afternoon and he was still in a bit of shock. All three daughters were with him and they were on their way to the funeral home to make arrangements. Frank said he would post updates on Maureen's site on http://www.caringbridge.com that he had established after she had her stroke.

Mac's email is fxmccann@mac.com and his home phone is (719) 528-5178.

I hope that all of you and yours are healthy and staying safe.



End quote.

Note: I had to search the site for "Maureen McCann" and got the link https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/maureenmccann but it's a private site so I couldn't get any farther. I assume Frank has to give you access and most of their friends probably have it already.

The latest home address I have for him is: 870 Cragin Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920-3226. Also, I have another e-mail for Frank in case the other doesn't work: fxmccann@me.com.


I have officially broken ties with the free-speech-throttling Twitter after nearly ten years. I now plan to use my Parler account to replace it. I am awaiting instructions from Parler support to see if I can have a handle of @USFA1965 in addition to my personal handle; otherwise, I will Parler (equivalent to tweeting) from here as @tbrowder.


Bill Swick, CS-23 Rep, told me early last December he had found out about one of our deceased classmates we knew nothing about but his name: Alphonse D. Ayotte. Sadly, he passed on 2016-11-12, and Bill provided a link to his obituary:



I'm very sad to announce the final flight of my good friend and our classmate, Bill Peavy, CS-24, and co-instigator and developer of this website. His wife, Brenda, told me Bill passed early in the morning on 3 January. I know from our many conversations that Bill is in Jesus' arms, and we believers will see him again some day.

I have heard no other details yet, but you can send condolences to Brenda at their home: Mrs. Brenda Peavy, 12211 Nova Drive, Houston, TX 77077.

R.I.P, Bill!


I just got sad news relayed from Dennis Murphy about the final flight of classmate Reuel Y. Rolston, CS-14, on 2020-10-29. Details from the USAFA Mortuary Officer follow, quote:

I am in the process of arranging a funeral service for Capt Reuel Y. Rolston, Class of 1965. Obituary information can be found at https://www.legacy.com/obituaries.

The family is requesting a funeral service be held on 23 Nov 20, 1300 hours, at the Memorial Pavilion followed by burial in the cemetery.

End quote.


The Air Force Academy Foundation is asking all to make a donation during the 2020 All-Academy Challenge which ends tonight. Our Scribe, Bill Roberts, sent out the message he received from them. Quote:

I’m asking each of the class scribes for a favor. We are 4/5th of the way through the 2020 All Academy Challenge, the annual “reconnect” competition between Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and our USAFA, and we are lagging the fight! On the surface, the goal is to raise a little money for the Academy, but more importantly it’s to raise awareness among our grads that your alma mater needs our help! We have one day remaining and I’d like you to please send this to your classmates and encourage them to participate.

As you can see, at 2.77%, we’re trailing the pack by a wide margin. We can do better than this.

The 7th annual All Academy Challenge finishes at 11:59 p.m. (MT), 20 August (tonight)!

In addition to the overarching challenge among the service academies and among USAFA’s graduating classes, let me offer one more.

If you haven’t already, I personally challenge you to make a gift before midnight tomorrow. Any amount makes a difference, especially when we all work together toward this goal. (See where your class falls in the leaderboard ; will another class catch up to 1970?)

You can:

+ give in memory of a fallen classmate or in honor of your favorite commandant or professor.

+ donate to the cadet club or athletic team that helped get you through your four years at 7,258’.

+ ask us to direct your support where it is most needed by giving to the Air Force Academy Fund.

Here’s the bottom line: the Air Force Academy has had an impact on your life, and when you support Academy cadets and programs, you multiply its impact for the next generation of leaders!

Will you accept my challenge?

End quote.

Yours truly has answered the call!


The AOG today sent out a "last flight" notice for classmate Peter McInerney, CS-18, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Peter T. McInerney, Jr., CS 18 class of 1965. Colonel McInerney passed away on 24 May 2020 in [sic] Evergreen, CO. Services will be held on a later date still to be determined. Condolences may be left online, and his obituary can be seen at https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/peter-mcinerney-obituary?pid=196383071. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Brooke: Mrs. Brooke McInerney; 29654 Thimbleberry Ln; Evergreen, CO 80439-8544.

End quote.


The AOG today sent out a "last flight" notice for classmate Robert G. Lambert, CS-16, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Robert G. Lambert, CS-16 class of 1965. Colonel Lambert passed away on 15 May 2020 in Georgetown, TX. His burial will be in Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery; 11463 State Highway 195; Killeen, TX 76542. Visit our Gone But Not Forgotten page at https://www.usafa.org/Heritage/GBNF to see his obituary. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made to The Worship Place; Faith in Action; 811 Sun City Blvd; Georgetown, TX 78633; http://www.twptx.org; https://www.faithinaction.org. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Sandee: Mrs. Sandee Lambert; 416 David Mountain Cir; Georgetown, TX 78633-5729.

End quote.


Gentlemen, greetings on this Memorial Day as we remember and honor those who gave their lives for us. We know of 23 men KIA who were part of our class at one time or another. Please take a moment and recall and honor them and pray for their families. They are shown on this page.

We can also remember those classmates who have had their last take-off and pray for those they left behind. See them all on this page.

In addition, we can remember and honor our classmates who suffered greatly for us as POWs. See them on this page.

Some facts about Memorial Day:

  • It was originally called "Decoration Day."
  • Congress, in 1971, declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May.
  • Congress passed a law in 2000 requiring Americans to pause at 1500 local time to remember and honor the fallen.
  • On Memorial Day, the flag is to be flown a half-mast until Noon local time.



I have been using Google Maps since the beginning of this site, but their latest updates and I aren't cooperating. I have been searching for another solution for some time and think I have found the right mix in Open Street Maps for map tile sources (via commercial provider Stadia Maps until I can render my own) and Open Layers, but that won't happen overnight.


The AOG yesterday sent out a "last flight" notice for classmate Errol Reiner, CS-17, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Errol G. Reiner, CS-17 class of 1965. Colonel Reiner passed away on 1 Feb 2020 in Colorado Springs, CO. A memorial service will be held on 19 Feb 2020 at 1300 hours at the Black Forest Lutheran Church; 12455 Black Forest Rd; Colorado Springs, CO 80908. A funeral service will be held on 20 Feb 2020 at 1300 hours at the USAFA Community Center Chapel. Burial in the USAFA Cemetery will immediately follow the funeral service. Condolences [sic] may be left online at https://www.dignitymemorial.com or they may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Donna: Mrs. Donna J. Reiner; 11014 Forest Creek Dr; Colorado Springs, CO 80908-7425.

End quote.


Yesterday, the USAFA AOG announced the recipients of the Distinguished Graduate Award, and our very own Fletcher "Flash" Wiley, CS-20, was named as one of those so honored. Congratulations to Flash for his many and important achievements which earned him that prestigous selection.

From the AOG announcement, quote:

USAFA Distinguished Graduate Award Honorees Announced

The United States Air Force Academy and the Association of Graduates are proud to announce five Distinguished Graduate Award honorees for 2019.

Col. (Ret.) Leslie Denend '63; Mr. Fletcher "Flash" Wiley '65; Gen. (Ret.) Norton "Norty" Schwartz '73; Gen. (Ret.) Edward Rice Jr. '78; and Mr. John "Jack" Kucera '78 will receive their awards at the annual Founders Day banquet, Friday, April 3, 2020, at the Air Force Academy.

End quote.

Note the selectees "bring the total number of USAFA alumni to be honored as Distinguished Graduate awardees to 46." The program was started in 2001, and there have been over 50,000 USAFA graduates since the first class graduated in 1959.

("As of May 30, [2019], 51,691 men and women will have graduated from the Academy. That’s 45,608 men and 6, 083 women." [Ref] By my calculations, that's less than 0.1% of all graduates—a mighty select group!)


I just received an e-mail from the widow of our late classmate, Mike Mason, CS-24.

She told me Mike died on 2019-07-25, and later had a proper burial on the grounds of his medieval home in England. Military honors were rendered by a "full honour guard from RAF Lakenheath."

I do not know any other details at the moment, but I did provide her with AOG contact information if she wishes to share more details with them.


The AOG yesterday sent out a "last flight" notice for classmate Dave Rawlins, CS-04, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. David H. “Dave” Rawlins, CS-04 Class of 1965. Mr. Rawlins passed away on 28 Nov 2019 in Altoona, PA. A Celebration of Life will be held on 4 Dec 2019 beginning at 1030 hours at the Zion Lutheran Church; 500 Allegheny St; Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the "Faith Riders"; C/O Zion Lutheran Church; 500 Allegheny St; Altoona, PA 16648; (814) 695-0091. David's obituary can be found at www.myerssomersfuneralhome.com. Condolences may be left online, or they may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Jan: Mrs. Janice Rawlins; 1808 Bellmeade Dr; Altoona, PA 16602-7407

End quote.


Maps seem to back be up. Let me know via phone (see home page in the header info) if you cannot see the maps.



Sorry for the delay, hopefully back by this evening.



I had to change my Google Maps API credentials due to an inadvertent compromise of my API key, and it will be a few hours before I can fix the site.

HOWEVER, please e-mail me anyway if you attempted using them because I would like to see how much the maps are used.


Update from the AOG on the passing of Will Burney, CS-15, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Capt (Ret) Willard T. Burney, CS-15 class of 1965. Capt Burney passed away on 08 Nov 2019 in Virginia Beach, VA. Services were held on 16 Nov 2019 in Virginia Beach, VA. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Arlis: Mrs. Arlis Burney; 2633 Wonderland Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-8281

End quote.


Another final flight: Willard Travis Burney, CS-15.

I received the notice from Dennis Murphy, Class Senator, quote:

I was informed by Arlis Burney (Will's widow) that he had passed away last week after a lengthy illness.

Enclosed is the write-up I've passed on for a "Gone But Not Forgotten" write-up in Checkpoints.

Arlis provided the following information related to funeral arrangements (please let me know if you have any questions):

The service will take place at our church, Charity United Methodist Church on Saturday, November 16 th at 2 p.m. It will be closed casket, but there will be some time prior to the service (a half hour or so) if folks would like to say goodbyes next to the casket in the church sanctuary. Military honors will be rendered after the religious ceremony inside and transitioning to outside the church building. There will be a reception at the church following the service. No graveside service will be conducted.

The address for the church is: Charity United Methodist Church 4080 Charity Neck Road Virginia Beach, VA 23457

We ask folks to please not send flowers. If you are so inclined, in lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Travis’ name to the Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery Wreath Society: http://hortonwreathsociety.org/.

End quote.


A reminder of the date for the 55th reunion of our class, on and around 2020-10-03.

That's the date of the Air Force-Navy game next fall. The date was announced in the class news section of the June 2019 issue of Checkpoints. Stay tuned to this site for breaking news as we learn more details of it.


Updates on the maps for CS-10: Jim Codling has agreed to be shown on the classmates maps. Thanks, Jim!

Note other problems reported earlier are still being worked.


I just posted again the hand-crafted CS montage files created by Bill Peavy (CS-24).

You can see both sets of files now at the "CS Pics" menu item on the top "Quick links" bar.

We are still working on correcting errors—stay tuned!


Update on CS group montage documents:

I went back and collected all of Bill Peavy's concerns about the said documents and list them here. Please let use know of any corrections or concerns while I integrate the changes.

CS01 – 34 members, 31 in photo;

CS02 – 32 members, 31 in photo;
missing: DENTON (no photo for him)

CS03 – 35 members, 32 in photo;

CS04 – 28 members, 27 in photo;
missing: BENHAM (shows up in CS03 & CS04)

CS06 – 33 members, 30 in photo;

CS08 – 30 members, 27 in photo;

CS09 – 33 members, 32 in photo;
missing: WHITEHORN

CS11 – 34 members, 30 in photo;
missing: AARNI (shows up in 10 & 11),
BELLER (shows up in 11 & 10),
BRISTOW (shows up in 11 & 10),
TOLER (shows up in 11 only)

CS12 – 29 members, 28 in photo;
missing: CONLEY

CS15 – 29 members, 28 in photo;
missing: HAKER (no photo for him)

CS16 – 32 members, 32 in photo;
missing: WOMACK
photo inserted: COMPTON (shows up in CS14 & CS14 photo)

CS17 – 38 members, 32 in photo;
missing: ANDERSON Wilbur (no photo for him),

CS23 – 33 members, 31 in photo;
missing: ZINNANTI


Eureka! I have had success and the eight BIG squadrons now have their larger number of men shown on the legal-size PDF montage files available for download here:


That's the location found at the "CS Pictures" menu button on the top bar on the home page.

Please look at them and let me know if there are any mistakes or you feel they need tweaking a bit. If so, you can do as Charlie Thomas did: mark up a paper copy with desired edits and either (1) scan it and e-mail it to me or (2) mail me a copy:

Tom Browder
113 Canterbury Circle
Niceville, FL 32578


Mea culpa! After almost 10 years of this website, Bill Peavy, CS-24 Sqdn Rep and website co-founder, discovered a terrible flaw in the PDF photo montages for our 24 squadrons late last year. He discovered several that were missing some classmates, and he painstakingly corrected them by hacking the PDF, but I haven't been able to put them on the website effectively.

The problem was my fault: when I designed the format I created it for a maximum of 32 men per squadron. I used our squadron, CS-24, as the template and it worked fine for us. I intended to fix the auto-generation code but it is a daunting task.

So, being the procrastinator I am, I put the problem on the back burner until Charlie Thomas, CS-05, sent me copies of the hacked montages and I realized that I needed an automated fix but the original code is not easy to deal with. Then life got in the way and I put it off again.

Then, Tom Murawski, CS-05 Sqdn Rep, sent me details and photos of their recent 2019 mini-reunion in New Orleans. While enjoying the pictures I had a flashback when seeing Charlie Thomas's picture, and I knew I had to do something.

The first thing I've done is make a list of the affected squadrons:

SqdnNo. MenNo. Missing

Those squadrons's pictures are missing from one to six guys! My plan is to change the picture format for those eight squadrons to a US Legal page (8 1/2 inches x 14 inches) with four rows and ten columns (currently they are on a standard US Letter page of 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches). I will tweak it as best I can to look at least as good as the current ones, but all your men will be there.

The good news is, the work shouldn't take too long, and you can buy an inexpensive frame for the printed document.


Bill Swick, CS-23 Rep, sent me a list of two non-graduate classmmates whose are now known to be deceased:

1. Herbert Campbell II, CS-20, passed away on 2012-05-04. See his obituary at http://obits.abqjournal.com/obits/email_obit/225635.

2. Larry Montford Tucker, CS-11, passed away on 2014-01-21. See his obituary at https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/colorado-springs-co/larry-tucker-5828689.


I received new information on services for Lew Benham from an e-mail sent by Janet Edwards, the USAFA Mortuary Officer, quote:

Good afternoon, Everyone

I am in the process of finalizing funeral arrangements for Capt Lewis G. Benham, Class of 1965. Obituary information may be found at www.legacy.com/obituaries/.

A service will begin at 0900 hours at the USAFA Cemetery on 29 Oct 19. In the event of inclement weather, the service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion.


Janet A. Edwards
Mortuary Officer
Voice: (719) 333-3323/DSN 333-3323
Cell: (719) 330-5800
Fax: (719) 333-5632/DSN 333-5632

End quote.


Late yesterday we learned of another final flight: Lewis G. Benham, CS-03.

From the AOG, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Lewis G. Benham, CS-03 class of 1965. Mr. Benham passed away on 19 Oct 2019 in Elizabethtown, KY. A funeral service with honors will be held on 29 Oct 2019 at 0900 hours at the USAFA Cemetery. Members of the class of 1965 are invited to attend his inurnment. Memorial donations may be made in lieu of flowers to the USAFA Endowment; 3116 Academy Dr, Suite 200; USAF Academy, CO 80840; (719) 472-0300; https://www.usafa.org/give.

End quote.


This morning I visited the one-year old Chappie James Museum in Pensacola, Florida, the hometown of General Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. The museum staff members are actively researching General James' life, including his many years of military service in the US Army Air Corps and, later, the US Air Force. Their website is https://www.chappiejamesmuseum.org/.

Many of us who were in the F-4 pipeline starting the summer of 1966 were stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizon, with the 4453rd CCTW either TDY for PWSO Radar Training or PCS for flying training also. During that time then-Colonel James was the DCO.

Anyone who remembers any times serving under him or flying with him or meeting him may have memorabilia (especially pictures) the museum could use. If you think you have anything that might interest them, and you are willing to donate or lend it, please contact the museum at chappiejames6@gmail.com. Direct your e-mail to the attention of Ms. Dianne Robinson.


Update from the AOG, quote:

UPDATE: The Kilgore family has suggested that Memorial Donations be made to the St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Shop; 1145 Broadway; Kerrville, TX 78028.

End quote.


And another final flight: Roy R. Kilgore, CS-06.

From the AOG, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Roy R. Kilgore, CS-06 class of 1965. Colonel Kilgore passed away on 15 Aug 2019 in Kerrville, TX. A graveside service will be held on 16 Sep 2019 at 1000 hours at the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather the service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Corina: Mrs. Corina Kilgore; 118 Carter Ln; Kerrville, TX 78028-4943.

End quote.


Update on Brendan Hanniffy from the AOG, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Brendan A. Hanniffy, CS-20 class of 1965. Mr. Hanniffy passed away on 2 Aug 2019 in Hendersonville, NC. Private services will be held at a later date. Condolences may be left online at www.schulerfuneralhome.com or they may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Carol: Mrs. Carol E. Hanniffy; 26 Old Applewood Ln; Hendersonville, NC 28739-8904.

End quote.


Another final flight: Brendan Andrew Hanniffy, CS-20.

From a friend whose friend knew Brendan and his wife I heard the sad news, and got the information from an obituary at https://www.shulerfuneralhome.com/obituary/brendan-andrew-hanniffy/, quote:

Brendan Andrew Hanniffy, 75, of Hendersonville passed away on Friday, August 2, 2019 at the Elizabeth House, surrounded by his family. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland to the late Sabina Hanniffy. Brendan graduated from the Air Force Academy and received advanced degrees from the University of West Florida. He served in the Air Force and received the Air Medal the Distinguished Flying Cross, later joining the Air National Guard, and worked for the State Department for more than thirty years. During that time he served as an Economic Officer in Mexico City, London, Guatemala City, and Los Angeles, before retiring to Hendersonville, NC in 2003.

Left to cherish his memory are his wife of nearly 51 years, Carol E. Hanniffy; children, Elizabeth Kroupa (Zachary) and Andrew Hanniffy; grandchildren, Lucinda, Flora, and June; friends since high school, Bill & Carol Dluzniewski, good friends from Hendersonville, Mort & Billie Sleet, and many others. He will be remembered for his sense of humor, incredible breadth of knowledge, and fondness for great meals out.

Private services will be held at a later date.

End quote.


Another final flight: Edward Berberek, CS-18.

From the AOG yesterday, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Edward Berberek, CS 18 class of 1965. Colonel Berberek passed away on 11 July 2019 in Seguin, TX. A Celebration of Life service will be held on 25 July 2019 at 1400 hours at the Schertz Funeral Home; 2217 FM 3009; Schertz, TX 78154; (210) 658-9224; www.schertzfuneralhome.com. A military ceremony will be held on 26 July 2019 at 1015 hours at Ft. Sam Houston, Pavilion #2 in San Antonio, TX. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made to the Guadalupe County Humane Society; PO Box 1593; Seguin, TX 78156-1593; (830) 372-2055; www.gchshumane.com or to a cancer charity of your choice. Condolences may be left online at the funeral home’s website or they may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Joy: Mrs. Joy Berberek; 105 Maderas; Seguin, TX 78155-9429.

End quote.


Sadly, I just learned of another final takeoff: George McKinney, CS-07.

From Bill Peavy and the class Facebook page:


Lt Col (Ret) George "Spider" McKinney , Jr. CS-07 passed away at home, with his family at his side, on May 15th. He requested no funeral or memorial and that we all raise a drink to him for a life well lived.

End quote.


I just received an update on the Arlington National Cemetery inurnment of the late Ray Bevevino, CS-10, from Tom Owens, CS-10, via forwarded e-mail from Tom Plank, CS-10 Rep:

Quoting Tom Owens' e-mail which is a quote from Ray's son's e-mail to Tom O. (2019-04-09):

Here are details for Ray’s Inurnment. Forward to Tiger Ten as you see fit and to Bill Roberts. I’ll get to Misty FACs Maria and I will attend. Hope all well with you and yours.

Date: May 2, 2019

Time: 0900, but family and friends should arrive at the Administration Building at 0815. Families will not be allowed entry into the cemetery earlier than one hour prior to the scheduled service.

Place: The Administration Building, which is right next to the Visitors Parking and Welcome Center. Detailed directions can be found at the following website:


Finally, here is a link to a short video that briefly describes what to expect during the ceremony:


We are not having a chapel service at Arlington since we already held the funeral mass for Mom and Dad back in March 2017, so the ceremony will proceed directly from the Administration Building to the Columbarium, where the inurnment will take place.

Please feel free to forward this information out to whoever you see fit, and thank you both again for all of your help with the ANC process in general.

If you have any other questions please let me know!



End quote.


Sad news again, just informed via Marc Sabin and the AOG of the death of Bill Mangan, CS-24.

From the AOG:

Quote (2019-04-09):

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. William N. Mangan, CS-24 class of 1965. Mr. Mangan passed away on 27 Mar 2019 in Valley Village, CA. Services will be held on 13 Apr 2019 at 1000 hours at the LDS Church; 715 Knob Hill Ave; Redondo Beach, CA 90277; (310) 540-0970; https://www.lds.org/locations?lang=eng. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Kathleen: Mrs. Kathleen Mangan; 5259 Vantage Ave #3; Valley Village CA 91607.

End quote.


Jim Turinetti, CS-15, was the first in his squadron to have his name shown on the map after the recent call from Denny Murphy.

Thanks, Jim!


Three more guys from CS-15 are now shown on the maps: Gary Silence, Bill Wall, and Jack Stephenson. Thanks, men!


Good news: word from the Head Shed is that a 55th class-wide reunion is on the drawing board!

Also, Denny Murphy has stirred the old-timers in CS-15 and they are responding with current contact data and show-on-map permissions. I'll post an update later after I get to my lodging for the night.


Denny Murphy, CS-15, has bagged a three-fer: name on the map, is now 1st alternate CS rep for CS-15, and has installed his TLS cert. so he can see current contact data on all classmates.

Congrats, Denny!


Scotty Schafer, CS-24, has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Scotty—check it out!


Sad news, we just found out about another classmate who had his last take-off: Jim Selser, CS-16.

From the AOG:

Quote (2019-02-20):

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. James C. Selser, CS-16 class of 1965. Mr. Selser passed away on 25 Jul 2018 in Leawood, KS. No further information is available.

End quote.


According to the classmates maps on this site, I see the following classmates in the Denton area:

John Rademacher (CS-24), Jude Terhall (CS-07), Lynn Reid (CS-08), Randy Martin (CS-10), Dave Dick (CS-03), Bill Fortney (CS-14), Leon Rausch (CS-03), plus at least six others nearby who haven't given permission to let me show them on the map.


News flash! Class of 1965 ring found by a good citizen! Details follow.

A member of the USAFA Class of 1980, MJ Kellenbence, reported this to the AOG and other Zoomie contacts:


Monday, I received an email from a good citizen who found a ring in the Denton Texas area.

Last night I found a ring outside of a restaurant in downtown Denton Texas. There was no engraving on the inside of the ring, but it was an Air Force Academy ring with the year 1965 on the side. Is there anyway the Graduate Association could determine if there are any graduates from that year living in Denton or the immediate area (maybe Denton County). Unfortunately the stone was missing (it may have been hit by a car—I looked all around but could not find the stone), but I would still like to return the ring itself to the owner... Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

I replied with the following

Thank you for reaching out. I coordinate the cadet and graduate ring programs. We have a long list of lost rings. Without the stone or inscription this is going to be difficult. Can I ask you to send the ring back to USAFA? (Address below). I’ll work with the ring manufacturer to clean and polish the ring. Plus, they might be able to discover the original inscription.

I will also be in touch with the class of 1965 officers and those on my lost ring list.

If you have a class website, please ask if anyone recently lost their class ring. Hopefully the ring will find its way back to the AOG. I’ll let you know if I hear back from the finder.

End quote.


Happy New Year all! Please check with your CS Sqdn Rep to ensure you get the latest e-mails from Class Senator Dennis Murphy reference the Senate meeting held yesterday. I forwarded them to the reps later than I should have, but the gist of Murph's mail today follows:


Update following the 15 Jan 19 Class Advisory Senate Meeting:

1. Good meeting with an update from the Commandant (BGen Goodwin) on the status of the Cadet Military Training Program, and lots of discussion about the upcoming election and the issues/feedback involved. Bottom line seemed to be: all graduates need to read and understand the plethora of information available; clarify any issues/questions that may arise; and VOTE.

2. Be sure to check the hyperlinks included on the forwarded e-mail I sent you on 14 Jan 19 (see last e-mail below from CAS President Garry Dudley). There are seven hyperlinks in the main body of the e-mail. Please be sure to note the 8th hyperlink directing you to "Election Update" information. When you click it, the page you go to has a list of candidates for filling vacancies on the AOG Board. In addition to voting "for/against" the By-Law changes, you'll need to figure out who you choose to fill the 6 vacancies from the list of 23 candidates. The election will run from 4 Feb 19 to 18 Mar 19, so you will have plenty of time to get things straight before casting your ballot.

3. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns I can help resolve. Also, I'll be sure to send out the formal meeting minutes once they are available for your review/information.

End quote.

Murph's e-mail address: murphys13@comcast.net


Thanks to CS-24's Bill Peavy's graphic skills and artistic eye, the squadron pictures of 13 squadrons have been corrected. Those squadrons with corrected pictures are: CS-01, CS-02, CS-03, CS-04, CS-05, CS-06, CS-08, CS-09, CS-12, CS-15, CS-16, CS-17, and CS-23.

When Bill and I started this website back in 2010, one of the first projects was to (1) put pictures and names of all our classmates who started with us upon acceptance into the Cadet Wing the fall of 1961 on the website for all to enjoy and (2) to create a squadron picture, "suitable for framing," for all our 24 squadrons.

In the process, I messed up the squadron pictures for many of the squadrons because I used my squadron, CS-24, as a model, with 32 members. Unfortunately, Bill's and my squadron had fewer members than 13 other squadrons so they wound up with missing men!

Recently, Eagle Eye Bill was perusing the site, particularly the 4th Group squadrons we were most familiar with, and discovered men we knew were missing. To make a long story short, Bill painstakingly recreated the group pictures with the correct number of men. And the corrected pictures are now on the website. See the downloadable list at:



Flash! Bill Peavy (CS-24) has discovered an eight-year-old error in the CS-05 picture!

Obviously no one else has looked at it, but the original had only 32 classmates because I (Tom Browder) had not thought to check that there were any more guys starting that squadron, so four were chopped off the last row.

Thanks to Bill's artistic eye and clever computing skills, he was able to create a proper page, mimicking the rest, with ALL the guys' pictures and names showing.

The only drwaback is the new page is an odd size and will take a skilled person to get it printed suitable for framing. Ideas from CS-05 (or anyone else) on what standard size to make it are welcome.


1. New website entries to check out in a new fourth row of quick links entitled "AFA Mortuary" which has two new items: (1) Mortuary Info and (2) USAFA Grave Finder.

The Mortuary Info has a like to a recent briefing by the USAFA Mortuary Officer, Ms. Janet Edwards, that covers about all you need to know to be buried at USAFA. Note that only graduates are eligible and your living responsible wife or relative MUST have a valid DD Form 214 to copy and send Ms. Edwards.

The USAFA Grave Finder (brought to my attention by Bill Peavy, CS-24) allows you to search for classmates who are buried at the USAFA Cemetary.

Any person who knows of the final, worldly resting place of any other classmate please find a link in one of the several similar grave-finding sites and we can post it here.

2. I'm going to try to get a new mailing list going one of these days, but in the meantime I have a new offering for interested classmates:

+ Mobile phone messaging: Send me your message-capable phone number and the name of your provider and I'll try to send you a brief message every time the site news is updated.


Update to Joe Britan's memorial service from the AOG:

Quote (2018-06-13):

Correction: The memorial service will be held on 15 June 2018 at 1030 hours at the Schertz Funeral Home, not 12 June as previously stated. The corrected notice is below. The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Joseph K. Britan, CS-06 class of 1965. Colonel Britan passed away on 6 Jun 2018 in Garden Ridge, TX.

A funeral service will be held on 15 Jun 2018 at 1030 hours at Schertz Funeral Home; 2217 FM 3009; Schertz, TX 78154; (210) 658-9224; www.schertzfuneralhome.com. His obituary can be viewed on the funeral home’s website. Burial will take place at the USAFA Cemetery on a date still to be determined.

His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the United Service Organizations (USO); 2111 Wilson, Blvd; Suite 1200; Arlington, VA 22201-(800) 876-7469; www.uso.org or to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Processing Center; PO Box 8958; Topeka, KS 66608-8958; www.vfw.org.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Deni; Mrs. Denise G. Britan; 21011 Cedar Branch; Garden Ridge, TX 78266-2514

End quote.


Sad news, three more classmates passed away recently: James Henklemann (CS-07), John Sidor (CS-10), and Joseph Britan (CS-06).

From the AOG:

Quote (2018-05-21):

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) James F. Henkelmann, CS-07 class of 1965. Colonel Henkelmann passed away on 16 May 2018 in D’Iberville, MS. A graveside service was held on 21 May 2018 at 1100 hours at the Biloxi National Cemetery in Biloxi, MS. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the Parkinson’s Foundation; 200 SE 1st St, suite 800; Miami, FL 33131; www.parkinson.org. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Chom: Mrs. Chom Henkelmann; 15337 Winsor Pl; D’Iberville, MS 39540-3018

End quote.

Quote (2018-05-22):

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) John Sidor Jr., CS-10 class of 1965. Colonel Sidor passed away on 10 May 2018.

Funeral arrangements are pending at this time.

His family has suggested that memorial donations be made to the Air Force Aid Society; https://www.afas.org/.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Joan: Mrs. Joan Sidor; 17135 Oxbridge Rd; Monument, CO 80132

End quote.

Quote (2018-06-12):

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Joseph K. Britan, CS-06 class of 1965. Colonel Britan passed away on 6 Jun 2018 in Garden Ridge, TX.

A funeral service will be held on 12 Jun 2018 at 1030 hours at Schertz Funeral Home; 2217 FM 3009; Schertz, TX 78154; (210) 658-9224; www.schertzfuneralhome.com. His obituary can be viewed on the funeral home’s website. Burial will take place at the USAFA Cemetery on a date still to be determined.

His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the United Service Organizations (USO); 2111 Wilson, Blvd; Suite 1200; Arlington, VA 22201-(800) 876-7469; www.uso.org or to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Processing Center; PO Box 8958; Topeka, KS 66608-8958; https://www.vfw.org.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Deni; Mrs. Denise G. Britan; 21011 Cedar Branch; Garden Ridge, TX 78266-2514

End quote.


Just informed of sad news by Bill Peavy (CS-24) of Class Scribe Bill Robert's post on Facebook, quote:

Lt Gen (Ret) Michael C. Short, CS-07 passed away on Fri 27 Oct 2017 following a long struggle with stomach cancer.

Details to follow.

End quote.


News of another sad event: classmate Roger Mortensen, CS-03, died on 21 July 2017. The AOG reported it today:


The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Roger W. Mortensen, CS-03 class of 1965. Lt Col Mortensen passed away on 21 Jul 2017 in Olympia, WA from heart failure. A funeral service will be held on 5 Aug 2017 from 1400-1600 hours at the LDS Nisqually Hills Chapel; 9341 4th Ave NE; Lacey, WA 98516; (360) 412-0891. He will be buried privately in the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, WA. Condolences may be left online at www.legacy.com or they may be sent to his family in care of his son, Peter: Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Mortensen; 530 Alameda Ave; Fircrest, WA 98466-5912

End quote.


Sadly, we just learned another '65 classmate passed: Peter A. Brown, CS-03, died on 17 July 2017. The AOG reported it today:


The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Peter A. Brown, CS-03 class of 1965. Mr. Brown passed away on 17 Jul 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. Services will be private for the family on a later date still to be determined. His obituary can be found at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/Peter-Brown-obituary?pid=1000000186195426. No condolence information is available.

End quote.


The USAFA AOG released more details of Gary Fausti's death on 2017-07-10.


The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Edward A. "Gary" Fausti, CS-07 class of 1965. Mr. Fausti passed away on 6 Jul 2017 in Marietta, GA. A funeral service will be held on 11 Jul 2017 at 1100 hours at the Mount Bethel United Methodist Church; 4385 Lower Roswell Rd; Marietta, GA 30068. Burial will follow in Georgia National Cemetery; 1080 Scott Hudgens Dr; Canton, GA 30114. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to the Gary Fausti Memorial Fund in care of Mount Bethel United Methodist Church at the address above. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Sandi: Mrs. Sandi Fausti; 690 River Knoll Dr SE; Marietta, GA 30067-4749

End quote.


Just received sad news (via Scribe Bill Roberts) from Jude Terhall, CS-07 Rep, of the passing of Gary Fausti, also of CS-07.

Quoting from Jude's e-mail to CS-07 classmates:

I just learned from Gary's sister, Linda, that Gary passed away at 2:00 AM this morning. Evidently Gary had cancer, but the exact details are sketchy at this point.

You can send condolences to his wife, Sandy, at: 690 River Knoll, Marrietta, GA 30067

End quote.


Bill Peavy, CS-24, found some more information on our late classmate, Lionel Luxich. Two obituary links are here and here. Lionel's daughter: Christine M. Aman; 17388 Sweet Briar Road, Lewes, DE 19958; 302-645-9227


I just received my Checkpoints and there is no contact data for Lionel's family. According to the "Gone But Not Forgotten" entry, Lionel is survived by children Scott and Christine. If anyone has more information on place of burial or addresses of his children, please let us know.


Sadly, we just learned of the passing of Lionel Luxich, CS-20. Bill Peavy, CS-24, reports that the latest Checkpoints shows Lionel died on 28 February 2017. We will provide an update with a quote later.


Today, the AOG sent out an update on the demise of Barry Cox, quote:

Update: The family has suggested that memorial donations be made to the Lung Transplant Program; UCSF Foundation; Box 45339; San Francisco, CA 94145-0339; (877) 499-8273; https://makeagift.ucsf.edu/hospitals. Correction: The correct address for Mrs. Marcia Cox is 164 Corona Rd; Carmel, CA 93923-9600 The original email is below with the correction.

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Barry L. Cox, CS-18 class of 1965. Mr. Cox passed away on 7 May 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA after a battle with brain cancer.

No services were held and his ashes were scattered privately along the northern California coast.

Condolences may sent to his family in care of his wife, Marcia: Mrs. Marcia Cox; 164 Corona Rd; Carmel, CA 93923-9600

End quote.


Sadly, the AOG announced today the passing of classmates, Barry Cox, CS-18, and David Nolting, CS-04.

Barry Cox, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Barry L. Cox, CS-18 class of 1965. Mr. Cox passed away on 7 May 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA after a battle with brain cancer.

No services were held and his ashes were scattered privately along the northern California coast.

Condolences may sent to his family in care of his wife, Marcia: Mrs. Marcia Cox; 2777 Yulupa Ave; Santa Rosa, CA 95405-8584

End quote.

David Nolting, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) David L. Nolting, CS-04 class of 1965. Lt Col Nolting passed away on 13 May 2017 in Bermuda Run, NC after a brief illness.

A funeral service was held on 20 May 2017 at the Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-Salem, NC and he was inurned in the church columbarium.

His family has suggested that memorial donations in lieu of flowers be made to either of the following charities: Augsburg Lutheran Church; 845 W Fifth St; Winston-Salem, NC 27101

For Hearts and Souls (an international medical ministry); 3 Adobe Grove; San Antonio, TX 78239; www.forheartsandsouls.org

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Margee: Mrs. Margaret Nolting; 507 Bing Crosby Blvd; Bermuda Run, NC 27006-8512

End quote.


It's official, long-time class Senator, Bob Giffen, CS-24, has resigned and a new Senator has been appointed: Dennis "Murph" Murphy, CS-15! Conratulations, Murph, and a huge round of applause for Bob's long service!


A couple of updates from the AOG on the recent deaths of classmates Orv Ramlo and Ray Bevivino:

Received on 15 March, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Raymond C. Bevivino, Jr., CS-10 class of 1965. Mr. Bevivino passed away on 5 Mar 2017 in Arlington, VA of injuries suffered in a house fire. His wife, Dianne, passed away on 6 Mar 2017 of her injuries.

Visitation will be on 16 Mar 2017 from 1900-2100 hours at the Cunningham Turch Funeral Home; 811 Cameron St; Alexandria, VA 22314 (703)549-1800 www.cunninghamfuneralhome.com. A funeral mass will be said on 17 Mar 2017 at 1000 hours at the St Mary Mother of God Catholic Church; 727 5th St NW; Washington, DC 20001. Burial will be in Arlington National Cemetery on a date still to be determined.

Condolences may sent to his family in care of his sons, Raymond III, class of 2003, and Joseph, and daughter, Michael Ann:

Maj Raymond C. Bevivino, III; PSC 2 Box 9184; APO, AE 09012

Mr. Joseph Bevivino; 8100 Patterson Ave; Henrico, VA 23229

Ms. Michael Ann Bevivino; Clocarneel; Carnisle; Kildalkey; Co. Meath; Ireland

End quote.

Received on 1 March (I missed this one until yesterday), quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Orvin H. Ramlo, Jr., CS-13 class of 1965. Col Ramlo passed away on 25 Feb 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

Services are pending at this time.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Harriet Ann: Mrs. Harriet Ann Ramlo; 4203 Walhaven Ct; Las Vegas, NV 89103-3131 Condolences may also be left online at .

End quote.


Once again we must report the sad news of another classmate's passing: Ray Bevivino, CS-10.

Scribe Bill Roberts (CS-07) e-mailed me yesterday that Tom Owens (CS-09) gave him the news. Ray and his wife, Dianne, both perished due to smoke inhalation from a fire at their home in Arlington, Virginia, on Sunday, 5 March 2017. We will pass on any more details on memorial services and family contacts as we get them. Note that Tom has notified the AOG.


We were saddened to hear yesterday from classmate Paul MacDowell (CS-02) of the passing of classmate Orv Ramlo, CS-13. Paul saw Orv's obituary in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, quote:

COL ORVIN RAMLO U.S. Air Force (Ret.) Orvin H."Orv" Ramlo Jr., Colonel, USAF, retired, passed from this life into eternal glory, Feb. 25, 2017. Orv was born Sept. 18 1943, in Miami, Fla. After graduation from high school in southern California, Orv entered the United States Air Force Academy, graduating fifth in his class in 1965. He attended graduate school on an Olmsted scholarship at Columbia University. He flew 242 combat missions in the F-4 and had an exceptional career as a test pilot. In 1985 he was assigned to a classified assignment from which he retired in July 1989. Orv stayed in the Las Vegas area, joining Raytheon as a senior manager and later became a vice president for JT3. Orv is remembered by his many friends in the Las Vegas area for his exceptional wit and intelligence. Orv is survived by his loving wife, of 44 years, Harriet Ann; brothers, Jerry (Anita), Bob (Patsy) and Lee (Mary Beth); Harriet's brother, Robert Walker (Liz); Harriet's sister, Patty MacAfee; nephew, Ryan MacAfee and his wife Teresa; six additional nephews; and one niece. Services are pending.

End quote.

Our prayers are with Harriet Ann and her and Orv's family and friends. We will update this when we hear more details.


We were saddened to hear today from the AOG of the passing of classmate Ken Clark, CS-08, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Kenneth H. Clark, II, CS-08 class of 1965. Lt Col Clark passed away on 8 Oct 2016 in San Antonio, TX. A memorial service will be held on 10 Nov 2016 at 1000 hours at the USAFA Cemetery Memorial Pavilion. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Lois: Mrs. Lois A. Clark; 5100 John D. Ryan Blvd, Apt 2809; San Antonio, TX 78245-3518

End quote.

Our prayers are with the families of both Gerald Keyser and Ken clark.


I was remiss in sending out the sad news of the passing of classmate Gerald Keyser, CS-09, received from the AOG on 10 August 2016, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Maj (Ret) Gerald L. Keyser, CS-09 class of 1965. Maj Keyser passed away on 28 Jul 2016 in Gold Canyon, AZ after a battle with Alzheimer's disease. A private church service will be held in Phoenix, AZ. A graveside service will be held on 12 Sept 2016 at 1000 hours. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Dee:: Mrs. Brenda "Dee" Keyser; 8254 E Sonoran Way; Gold Canyon, AZ 85118-6951

End quote.


Sadly, yesterday we received word of CS-12's Malcolm Verdict's death, and our prayers are with his family. Malcolm's son, Charles, sent the following information, quote:

Malcolm Edward Verdict, Capt. USAF (ret.), passed away in College Station, Texas, on Friday, June 10, 2016, following a brief, yet courageous struggle with cancer. He passed quietly in the morning with family by his side and to the sweet sound of his daughter's voice singing Amazing Grace. Father, brother, friend, pilot, and believer in Christ; his mission among us completed with honor, love and faith. We are comforted in his passing in victory; his parachute softly alit upon God's mighty and loving hand.

Malcolm was born on May 28, 1942 in Pontiac, Michigan where his mother, Vema Vanover Verdict, assisted the war effort while his father, John Henry Verdict, served in the Pacific Theater. He was raised in Newport, Arkansas.

Malcolm is preceded in death by his mother and father and is survived by his sister, Carol Verdict Pulliam of Springfield, Missouri. He is also survived by his three children Gregory S. Verdict, Jennifer L. Evans and Charles B. Verdict, and his six grandchildren, Shane Verdict, Adrian Verdict, Avery A. Evans, Charles W. Evans II, Caroline D. Verdict and Catherine H. Verdict. Malcolm is also survived by his faithful son-in-law, James W. Evans, and his beloved niece, Lynne Pulliam Rathbun, and her husband Tim, and their three sons Riley, Devon and Logan also of Springfield, Missouri.

A brave and joyous warrior, Malcolm served as an F-4 combat pilot in Vietnam at the age of twenty-four (24) following his graduation from the United States Air Force Academy in 1965. After retiring from the military he entered the private sector in Northern Louisiana, beginning his career in banking and energy policy.

Moving to Austin, Texas in 1978, Malcolm served under two Republican governors of Texas including the honorable William P. Clements and the honorable George W. Bush in various energy policy capacities. Malcolm retired from the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES). While serving two governors and later and most recently at TEES, he assisted in enacting state and federal legislation that helped fund and regulate renewable and sustainable energy policies. He received numerous state and federal awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Malcolm, with his sharp and endearing wit and sense of style, drew together so many wonderful, genuine friends from all corners of the earth. The family wishes to express their sincere thanks and love for the outpouring of support and love from his friends as Malcolm passed on to be with his heavenly father. A viewing will be held at Hillier Funeral Home located at 2301 East 29th Street, Bryan, Texas 77802 on June 24, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

The funeral will take place at Reliance Baptist Church located at 6925 Reliance Church Road, Bryan, Texas 77808 (979) 589-3081 on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM with senior pastor Raymond L. Marshall and Reverend Roy Meadows of Westland Baptist of Corpus Christi, Texas, officiating. A private interment will take place at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at a later date.

In lieu of flowers the family encourages those wishing to make donations to the Lance P. Sijan Chapter #125 (note on check: Scholarship Fund Donation); Address: Lance P. Sijan Chapter #125, Air Force Association, P.O. Box 15007, Colorado Springs, CO 80935. For additional information please contact Charles Verdict cverdict@gmail.com and 737-600-7107.

End quote.


Received a report from Bill Peavy on 5 June on a Facedbook post re classmate Malcolm Verdict, CS-12, from his son, Charles Verdict, quote:

Gentleman: I wanted to share with you that my father and your classmate, Malcolm E. Verdict, USAFA '65 is terminally ill and in hospice care in Bryan, Texas. He counts his service alongside of you as his highest honor and privilege. Thank you for your service and Godspeed. Charles Verdict (737) 600-7107. cverdict@gmail.com.

End quote.


JT Smith, Class of '60, is looking for the names of USAFA grads who have flown the C-123 in SEA. He and others are working on a memorial project for USAFA. From his e-mail to Roy Bridges (CS-24), quote:


I'm trying to compile a list of USAFA Grads who flew the C-123 in SEA, and I could use some help for your class.

I am working, along with several other Grads, to get a C-123 commemorative plaque produced and installed on the wall at the SEA Pavilion on the Heritage Trail at USAFA. Such plaques, if you have not seen them, contain information about the bird, what it did in SEA, and which Grads flew them. Hence, the need for the list.

So, I would appreciate your polling the Class of '65 to produce such a list so that their names can be included on the plaque.

If any of your Classmates can remember those in other Classes who should be on the list, that too would be helpful.

Thank You and Regards.

J.T. Smith Class of '60

End quote.


Curt Nelson, CS-03 Rep, again gets two more sqdn mates to agree to being shown on the maps: Dave Dick and Ron Murray. Thanks, mates!


Curt Nelson, CS-03 Rep, reports that sqdn mates Jim High and Bob Davies have agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, guys!


Pete Miner, CS-23, is now shown on the classmate maps. Thanks, Pete!

By the way, Pete recently installed his TLS certificate so he can browse the private area of this site. Why don't you get yours, too?


John Emry, CS-03, is now on the classmate maps. Thanks, John!

Thanks to Curt Nelson, CS-03 rep, we have two new classmate e-mails and their certs will be generated soon.

Don't forget to bug (er, contact) your rep if you don't yet have access to the private area of the website!


CS-03 now has a new primary CS Rep: Curt Nelson. Welcome Curt!

Curt got on the ball and received his cert and installed it. This site was down at that time so we don't know the results yet, but all indications were good yesterday.

The CS-03 certs were received by Curt, and the letter with CS-03 passwords went in the US mail yesterday.

Curt also found a lost classmate, John Emry, and got his contact data. Welcome aboard, John!

Curt is also working on another reluctant classmate to come out of the shadows—keeping our fingers crossed.


We were saddened today to learn of the passing of another Gray Tag, Lt Colonel William A. Powers, CS-12, on 14 February 2016.

The AOG announcement on the USAFA website follows, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) William A. Powers, CS-12 class of 1965. Lt Col Powers passed away on 14 Feb 2016 in Chicago, IL. Visitation and a mass will be held on 22 Feb 2016 from 1700-1800 hours with the mass beginning at 1800 hours at the Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church; 653 W 37th St; Chicago, IL 60609. A funeral service will be held on 24 Feb 2016 at 1000 hours at the USAFA Cadet Catholic Chapel in Colorado. Interment will follow at the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather the graveside service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion. His family has requested that in lieu of flowers you consider becoming an organ donor. Donations may be made in his memory to any organ donation organization or to the Association of Graduates; 3116 Academy Dr; USAF Academy, CO 80840.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his daughter, LoraJane: Ms. LoraJane Powers; 7244 S Sundown Cir; Littleton, CO 80120-4268.

End quote.


Ken McAlear, CS-04, has agreed to be shown on the classmate maps. Thanks, Ken!

He also successfully installed his TLS certificate so he has full access the class website.


We were saddened today to learn of the passing of another Gray Tag, Colonel Paul L. Wilke, CS-17, on 1 February 2016.

The AOG announcement follows, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Paul L. Wilke, CS-17 class of 1965. Col Wilke passed away on 1 Feb 2016 in Fairfax, VA of complications from surgery.

A memorial service will be held on 13 Feb 2016 at 1500 hours at the Lord Of Life Lutheran Church; 5114 Twinbrook Rd; Fairfax, VA 22032.

His family has requested that donations in lieu of flowers be sent to the National Parkinson Foundation; 200 SE 1St St, suite 800; Miami, FL 33131 (800) 473-4636 www.parkinson.org or to the Lord Of Life Lutheran Church; Paul Wilke Memorial Fund; 5114 Twinbrook Rd; Fairfax, VA 22032 (703) 323-9500.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his children, Erik and Maren:

Mr. Erik Wilke; PO Box 333; Charlottesville, VA 22902-0333

Mrs. Maren Cary; 5629 Rocky Run Dr; Centreville, VA 20120-2831

End quote.


We received another update on the Lee Allgood's memorial from the AOG, quote:

Funeral services for Mr. George L. "Lee" Allgood, CS-03 class of 1965 will be held on 8 Jan 2016 at the USAFA Cadet Protestant Chapel. Viewing will be from 1000-1100 hours when the funeral service will begin. Interment will follow at the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather the graveside service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion. Mr. Allgood passed away on 15 Dec 2015 in Boulder, CO after a brief illness.

End quote.


Sadly, we report the passing of another classmate: Neil Jacobs, CS-06.

The AOG announced today, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Neil A. Jacobs, CS-06 class of 1965. Lt Col Jacobs passed away on 12 Dec 2015 in Durham, NC of complications after a long illness.

Services are pending at this time.

The Jacobs family has suggested that donations in lieu of flowers be sent to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; 567 Rutledge Ave; Charleston, SC 29401. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Judy: Mrs. Judy H. Jacobs; 201 Hampton Dr.; Summerville, SC 29485-8405

End quote.


We received an update on plans for a memorial for Lee Allgood from his daughter, Tara. Quote:

Dad's services will be at the USAFA Cadet Chapel on Friday, January 8th at 11 a.m. There will be a graveside service and a reception afterwards with lunch, as well.

End quote.

If you plan to attend the memorial, Tara would appreciate hearing from you. Contact her at tara.allgood@gmail.com.


We have two more classmates (both of CS-24) now on the maps and with updated contact data: Dave Kreimer and Mike nolan. Thanks, guys!


Sadly we report the passing of another classmate: Lee Allgood, CS-03 and CS-24.

The AOG announced today, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. George L. "Lee" Allgood, CS-03 class of 1965. Mr. Allgood passed away on 15 Dec 2015 in Boulder, CO after a brief illness. Services are pending at this time. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his daughter, Tara: Ms. Tara L. Allgood; 1440 Balsam Ave; Boulder, CO 80304-3536

End quote.


Sadly we report the passing of two '65ers: Tim Graves, CS-23, and Chuck Allen, CS-17. See details and AOG announcements below.

The first we heard of Tim's passing was from Jim McCraken (CS-23), then Paul McDowell (CS-02), and then Bill Swick (CS-23). The AOG also had a brief announcement with no details. From Bill, quote:

Tim died on 8 Dec 2015 in Henderson NV of liver cancer. He retired as a Lt Col. His wife, Mary lives at 3010 Hickory Valley Rd Henderson NV 89052-8507: services are pending. No other information is available on the mortuary web site at this time.

End quote.

On 14 Dec the AOG made the following announcement of Tim's passing, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Timothy J. "Tim" Graves, CS-23 class of 1965. Lt Col Graves passed away on 8 Dec in Nevada after a battle with liver cancer. A service is being planned at USAFA at the family's convenience. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Mary: Mrs. Mary Graves;3010 Hickory Valley Rd; Henderson, NV 89502-8507 Condolences may also be left online at www.palmmortuary.com.

End quote.

Chuck's passing was announced by the AOG on 20 Nov, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Maj (Ret) Charles C. "Chuck" Allen, CS-17 class of 1965. Maj Allen passed away on 24 Oct 2015 in Arizona after a long illness. Services were held at the time of his passing. He was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in Avaondale, AZ. His family has suggested that memorial donations in lieu of flowers be made to the Hematology Research Program at the Mayo Clinic; Department of Development; 13400 E. Shea Blvd; Scottsdale, AZ 85259 Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Judy: Mrs. Judith J. Allen; 2442 N 159th Dr; Goodyear, AZ 85395-7612

End quote.


From data submitted at the 50th reunion, Bill Peavy (CS-24) has identified nine formerly unaffiliated members of CS-01, -06, and -08.

Joe Koenig (CS-09) gave us the missing part of the ZI field trip roster and Bill Peavy identified the following affiliations:

CS-01: Louis G. Beary, Larry Collins, and John K. James

CS-06: Edward E. Hayes; Charles A. Reeves, Jr.; and John E. White, Jr.

CS-08: Frank P. Campbell, James R. Crandall, and John T. Stampfl


Sadly we have to announce the passing of Jim Beavers, CS-02, on 20 August 2015.

From the AOG, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) James L Beavers, CS-02 class of 1965. Lt Col Beavers passed away on 20 Aug 2015 in Orlando, FL

A private family graveside service was held on 28 Aug 2015 at Palm Cemetery in Winter Park, FL

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his daughters, Anne & Holly Beavers: 2440 E Coolidge St; Phoenix, AZ 85016


Other news:

During the recent change of servers for this web site, I discovered that no site-new mail has been sent since 11 April this year, so please ensure you've read the news items since then until now.

Since the server transfer, the mail has not been working at all but that should change soon. But during that time the following changes have been made:

+ Bob Walsh (CS-11 rep) reports that Bob Sonier has identified R. M. Toler as a member of CS-11—thanks, Bob and Bob!

+ I belatedly noticed that the fall '61 Academy Christmas card has more or less complete names so we can fill some more of the blanks. Thanks to Bill Peavy's laborious cross-checking of the data, we found 145 guys on the card whose name was different than in our database. There were a few instances where the differences were such that it was difficult to decide which was correct, but Bill and I made the best decision we could based on available evidence. Some examples were where one source shows a formal name of, say, "John" but the other source says "Johnny" which may be a nickname. Another case may show one form with an initial and the source is from the AOG graduate list so the AOG would take precedence. Those cases are noted in our database for any future discusison.


WARNING: This evening this site will go down for a day or two while we move to a new server.

During the outage, please submit any changes to Tom Browder (tom.browder@gmail.com).


The 50th Reunion registration form is now on-line. A direct link is here.

The 50th Reunion page is here including a handy pdf copy of the 'Schedule' and prices. (Note that we will be sharing USAFA with the Class of 1970's 45th reunion.)

WARNING: This evening this site will go down for a day or two while we move to a new server. During the outage, please submit any changes to Tom Browder (tom.browder@gmail.com).


Five Reps from CS-03, CS-04, CS-08, CS-13, and CS-20 agree to be shown on the maps! Thanks, gentlemen!

The men are: Paul Johnson (CS-03), Frank McCann (CS-04), Mike Krause (CS-08), Page Basheer (CS-13), and Howard Hill (CS-20). Now they are in a position to get the rest of their squadrons to do likewise!


Bill Fortney, CS-14, has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Bill!


Sadly, yesterday we learned of the passing of Paul Cowan, CS-17, on 29 August 2010.

CS-17 Alt Rep Dave Bennett sent the news, via CS-17 Rep Jock Patterson who reported it to us. Here is a link to an online memorial to Paul. In the words of Dave, Paul "was a good guy."


CS-15's Brian Esterby has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Brian!


Thanks to Jeff Silliman (CS-13) for reminding us that today is the 50th anniversary of our class's graduation from USAFA!

And thanks to Rick Zurbrugg (CS-21) for passing on the reminder e-mail from Jeff!


CS-14's Glenn MacDonald has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Glenn!

Glenn also plans to attend the 50th reunion along with his wife and perhaps other guests.


Correction for Frank McCann's e-mail: contact Frank at fxmccann@me.com if you want to play golf at the reunion.


New reunion announcement from Jim Spittler about golf and other activities at the reunion. Golfers should reply ASAP.

See Jim's letter on the "50th Reunion" page. Contact Frank "FX" McCann if you want to play.


Sadly we learned from CS-17 of the confirmed death of Captain Jack K. Hardy, a Vietnam war hero.

Jock Patterson, CS-17 Rep, reported that Rick Lindemann found the details on the Vietnam Virtual Wall here. Jack has been added to our heroes page and details of his demise are available as "memories" by clicking on his name wherever his picture is shown


50th Reunion Co-chairman Jim Spittler announces the Antlers is once again the official hotel for the reunion.

Due to web master errors, the reunion hotel announcement is late, but the details are on the "50th Reunion" menu tab. Bottom line, the hotel is taking reservations and the reservation link is shown on the AOG site's '65 reunion link. The AOG reunion info link is here and the Antlers' reservation link is here.


Bill Roberts, CS-07, has volunteered to take on the duties of the class Scribe. Thanks, Bill!

Note that class news items should be sent to Bill at a special e-mail address of scribe@usafa1965.org (note no hyphen between 'a' and '1' in this case).


We received more information regarding Bruce Wood's interment from Jim Lipham via relay from Ron Bailey.


Bruce Wood's obituary is available on-line at Lincoln Funeral Home, and there is a provision for leaving messages of remembrance.

Betty has indicated that she and the family would be pleased if any of Bruce's classmates wish to make some remarks at his memorial service [9 April, USAFA]. Many of Bruce and Betty's family that will be in attendance are not familiar with Bruce's military experience and would value hearing from those that were with him. Those who served with Bruce, in particular, may want to mention their interest in making some remarks with Betty (Cell: 402 470-7151, email bettycwood1946@gmail.com). Text messages are the best means of communicating at the moment.

End quote.


Today, sadly, the AOG announced the passing of our classmate and Scribe, Bruce Wood, CS-22. R.I.P.

Bruce will be sorely missed by those of us who knew him. Bruce was an active supporter of this web site and assisted in testing many of its features, including mailing lists. It was Bruce's concerns about security of our private information that led to the adoption of the strong TLS certificate method we currently use.

Bruce's performance as Scribe was commendable and was much appreciated by all our classmates who read the Checkpoints magazine. His nuggets of philosophy and humor interspersed with tidbits of news from the class were always delightful to read.

We pass on our prayers and condolences to Betty Wood and the rest of Bruce's family.

The AOG announcement, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Col (Ret) Wendell B. "Bruce" Wood, CS-22 class of 1965. Col Wood passed away on 22 Mar 2015 in Lincoln, NE.

A funeral service will be held on 9 Apr 2015 at 1300 hrs. at the USAFA Cadet Protestant Chapel. Interment will follow at the USAFA Cemetery Columbarium. Please be aware that due to events occurring at USAFA, parking will be at a premium near Harmon Hall and the Chapel area.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Betty: Mrs. Betty C. Wood; 7610 Sonatta Ct; Lincoln, NE 68516-9104

End quote.


CS-02 reports three more classmates deceased. But four new classmates are now on the maps from CS-08 and CS-22!

The three deceased classmates are: Dan Denton, L. D. Harvill, and Albert Sage. R.I.P., gentlemen. (No more details are known at this time.)

The new folks shown on the maps are CS-08's Ken Clark and John Cowan and CS-22's Jim Lipham and Wes Dixon.

Thanks, guys!


Don Giglio, CS-14, has agreed to be shown on the maps—thanks, Don!


Certificate installation for Firefox on Mac fixed.

A typo in the link to this web site in step 13 of the instructions prevented a successful check after cert installation. See this page for the corrected instructions: [https://usafa-1965.org/site-admin/firefox-mac.html]


Bruce Grossetta, CS-02, has agreed to be shown on the maps—thanks, Bruce!

Note that a long-standing bug in my map code has finally been fixed, thanks to a recent conversation with Bruce and Chuck Coleman (CS-10) about meeting Tim McConnell in Alaska when he had actually moved down to California a year ago. It was then I noticed the map hadn't changed while I have had Tim's updated address for a long time.

The bug affected a lot of guys whose addresses have changed in the last few years, so anyone concerned should check the maps to make sure we're back on track.


Dave Connaughton just volunteered to be CS-16's 1st Alt Rep, and he agreed to be shown on the maps—thanks, Dave!


CS-10 Rep Tom Plank provided a chunk of CS-10 updates including new addresses and three newly-identified, dual-CS classmates.

Those dual-CS men are: Mike Aarni, Billy Beller, and Vince (Bris) Bristow; all started in CS-11, then transferred to CS-10.


Flash Wiley has found formerly-lost classmate Manny Clements (CS-03). Welcome home, Manny!


Newly found classmate K. L. Berry, CS-14, has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, KL!


Flash Wiley has found formerly-lost fellow squadron mate CS-20's Hank Arnold. We now have an e-mail address and hope to get more info soon.

Welcome home, Hank!

Flash, I believe, may have unearthed a gold mine of lost classmates. In his e-mail he continued, quote:

Manny Clements, listed as a 3rd Squadron guy, got turned back to the Class of '66 and reassigned to 20th Squadron. I will attempt to track him down through his brother who lives in Boston.

Kephart is from southern Ohio. Perhaps he went back home. Kelly Nay is from South Bend, Indiana; and he may have gone back home too. Jan Warner is practicing law in Columbia, South Carolina. All three are Bainbridge classmates.

Jim Steed is from Texas (I believe Waco); and I'm sure he went back home.

I will get with my Squadron-mate, Jack Murphy, and see if he has any leads on Al Eathorne, Kirk Messenger, Jim Meynard, and John Wells.

End quote.


Yesterday Flash Wiley announced CS-24 as the first squadron winner in the recently started 50th Reunion Gift Project fund-raising effort (FRE).

CS-24 was the first squadron to reach its dollar goal. Details of the FRE can be seen at the class web site [https://usafa-1965.org/] where pertinent links are in the second row of quick links.

The report pages are still being tweaked (a work in progress), and suggestions are welcome.


CS-14 Rep Rob Larsen reports two more lost classmates found: CS-14's K. L. Berry and Robert Stroud!

Welcome home, gentlemen!

And good hunting, Rob!

Note that Rob hasn't received Berry's permission to release his contact data yet (expects to cajole him into it soon), but at least we know he's alive.


Another sad note: we were notified yesterday of the death of classmate Bill Redmond, CS-14.

CS-14 Rep Rob Larsen heard the news from CS-18's Barry Cox while checking on squadron classmates' plans for the 50th reunion. Barry told him "I was informed through high school contacts that Bill died several years ago." We hope we can get more details later.

RIP, Bill.


Sadly, we learned today of the death of CS-05's Billy Swick.

Billy will always be remembered specially by those of us who started this web site and had to deal with so much missing information. Many data voids were filled by Billy who regularly critiqued our work, and he was one of the most active participants in our early days before we got a full slate of CS Reps.

While initially recruiting CS Reps, I asked Billy to be the primary rep for CS-05 Rep, but he declined because he thought classmates wouldn't think it right to have a non-grad rep. I told him I didn't agree, but he was adamant; however, he did eventually agree to be a third alternate. RIP, Billy.

Billy's death was reported by CS-5 Alt Rep Tom Murawski. Quoting from his letter to his CS-05 classmates:

If you started in 5th Squadron, you'll remember Billy Swick, who resigned from the Academy in our second-class year. I learned recently that Billy has died of cancer. His widow, Linda, told me by phone that the cause was cancer. In March, he was sleeping a lot and losing weight. In April, tests found cancer throughout his body. On June 2, he was gone.

Billy graduated from CU with a bachelor's degree in psychology and started a career in auto and homeowner insurance claims, first with Wausau for 14 years and then with a new, independent adjusting office in the Phoenix area. For seven years, Billy and Linda worked together, he as litigation supervisor and she as office manager. More than husband and wife, they were colleagues and friends.

Appointed by the governor, Billy served on the board of the Arizona Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Fund. He also served as President of the Phoenix Claims Managers Council. Billy retired in 2003.

Billy and Linda met through a mutual friend and were together for 27 years. It was the second marriage for both of them. The children mentioned in the obituary below were from their first marriages. The granddaughter who passed away was six years old when brain cancer took her.

Linda describes Billy as taking pleasure in many things. His interests ranged from fishing and playing golf to photography, Western art, and jazz. He loved astronomy and at one point had four telescopes. He read the newspaper from cover to cover.

Some 13 years ago they moved into an adult community near Phoenix, where Billy played golf and served on the community board. Nights are especially hard for Linda. That's when they used to cook together and talk.

End quote.

In his letter Tom gave Linda's address for those wishing to send condolences: Linda Swick, 4546 E. Sycamore Court, Gilbert, AZ 85298.

Tom also enclosed the obituary from the 8 Jun 2014 issue of the the Arizona Republic, quote:

Swick, Billy Lee of Gilbert, AZ passed away on June 2, 2014. He was born on May 21, 1942. Billy is survived by his wife Linda and 3 sons, 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren, 2 sisters and 1 brother. He is preceded in death by his parents, 1 brother and granddaughter. Billy attended the US Air Force Academy and graduated from the University of Colorado. At Billy's request there will be no service. He will be greatly missed. Billy's family would like to thank Hospice of the Valley for their care and support. Those who wish may make a contribution to Hospice of the Valley or the American Cancer Society.

End quote.


Marty Brennan, CS-17, has given show-on-maps permission—thanks, Marty!


John Conley, CS-12, has given show-on-maps permission—thanks, John!


Classmate John Conley has been indentified as belonging to CS-12! Thanks to Bart Holaday, Class Prez, we also now have a good contact cell phone number and e-mail address for John.

Welcome home, John!


Yesterday Rob Larson, CS-14 Rep, sadly informed us of the untimely death of CS-14 classmate Richard Apgar on 29 September 1984 in a glider accident.

The source of the information can be found here.


Happy New Year, with newly found classmates: CS-07's Mal Bowen, Dick Nethers, and P.A. Lemieus; and CS-01's Jack Hewitt.

Welcome home, gentlemen!

Thanks to CS-07 Rep Jude Terhall who reported lots of updates including his newly-found squadron mates, and CS-01 Rep Jim Swallow who reported his newly-found squadron mate.


A few days ago we were saddened to hear from the AOG of the passing of Robert Gordon Kemmerer, CS-18, on 26 January 2012.

The AOG announcement stated, quote:

+ The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Robert G. Kemmerer, CS-18 class of 1965. Lt Col Kemmerer passed away on 26 Jan 2012 in San Antonio, TX.

+ Graveside services were held at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX at the time of his death.

+ We are sorry but no condolence information is available.

End quote.


On a happier note today, John De La Garza, CS-15, reported for duty after being lost. Welcome home, John!

We await details of how John found his way here.

John now has the honor of being the FIRST (and ONLY) member of CS-15 to be shown on the maps. Thanks, John!

Note that Bill Roberts, CS-07, has leads on three more lost classmates. We'll present more information as it unfolds.


Two days ago we were saddened to hear from the AOG of the passing of Wayne Dennis Brown, CS-18, on 26 September.

The AOG announcement stated, quote:

+ The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Wayne D. Brown, CS-18 class of 1965. Lt Col Brown passed away on 26 Sept 2014 in Springboro, OH.

+ A funeral service was held on 30 Sept 2014 at 1300 at the Springboro Christian Church 720 S Main St; Springboro, OH 45066-1424. Burial was in Springboro Cemetery.

+ The family has suggested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Springboro Christian Church or the Wounded Warriors Project; 4899 Belfort Rd, Ste 300; Jacksonville FL 32256

+ Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Sharon:

+ Mrs. Sharon A. Brown; 2775 Westminster Way; Springboro, OH 45066-9795

End quote.


Class Maps are not showing correctly for some reason (probably because Google has changed its Maps API again).

Investigation is underway...


Jim Spittler has announced the tentative dates for the 50th reunion to be held in C-Springs in the fall of 2015.

The tentative dates in 2015 are: 23-26 Sep, 7-10 Oct, or 14-17 Oct.

See Jim's complete message on the new "50th Reunion" page (see its new menu item above on the left end of the main menu bar).


Last evening we were saddened to hear from the AOG of the passing of Henry Michael "Mike" Armstrong, CS-22, on 23 August 2014.

The AOG announcement stated, quote:

+ The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Henry M. "Mike" Armstrong, CS-22 class of 1965. Mr. Armstrong passed away suddenly on 23 Aug 2014 in Payson, AZ.

+ A Memorial Service was held on 28 Aug 2014 in Phoenix, AZ at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

+ The family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the American Heart Association; PO Box 742030; Los Angeles, CA 90074.

+ Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Linda:

+ Mrs. Linda R. Armstrong; 14814 S 13th Pl; Phoenix, AZ 85048-6211

End quote.


Tom Plank, CS-10 Rep, reports Mats Matsuyama has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Mats!


John Bonds, CS-18, reminded us Andy Anderson was in CS-17, not CS-18. Welcome home again, Andy!

"Time and tide wait for no man," so thanks to John for bolstering our collective memory.


Lots of belatedly-implemented updates from CS-10, CS-11, CS-16, CS-18, CS-21, and CS-23 including newly-found "lost" classmates. (Errors are mine, please let me know if there are any needed corrections.)

This web master has essentially been AWOL since last summer, but your CS reps and other fellow classmates have been busy. To wit:

+ Jim Spittler, CS-02, reports that Dan Denton was in CS-02. Welcome home, Dan!

+ Jerry Pipinich, CS-23, made contact with "lost" classmate Wilbur (Andy) Anderson, CS-18, and Andy has agreed to be shown on the maps. Thanks, Andy, and welcome home!

+ Art Beamon, CS-21 Rep, has found "lost" classmate Tom Bieging. Welcome home, Tom!

+ Tom Plank, CS-10 Rep, reports the following have agreed to be shown on the maps: Ray Bevivino, Dave Holdren, Bruce Leonard, Ken Magowan, Bill Nielson, and Phil Parker.

+ Bob Walsh, CS-11 Rep, reports Denny Smith will be shown on the maps.

+ Mike Phillips, CS-16, has agreed to be shown on the maps.

+ Ed Webber, CS-23, has agreed to be shown on the maps. (In the news of 2013-06-11 Ed was erroneously named "Dave" Webber—sorry, Ed!)

Thanks, guys!

CS-10 Rep Tom Plank has reported many contact uppdates as well as Reunion 50 plans.

In addition we have had reports of several classmates having SSL/TLS certs newly-installed.

Watch for two new site features coming soon: a public report of how many times a cert-user has accessed the web site and a private report of their first and latest visit.


Sadly, two "lost" classmates have been reported to be deceased: CS-16's Wade Greer and Glenn McCubbin.

CS-16 Rep Bob Golden reported the news recently. They have been put on the "War Heroes" page along with the small amount of information gleaned from the sources shown by clicking on their names.


New site feature: CS group pictures suitable for framing!

It's been a long time coming, but we now have available a pdf file for each CS with our class logo and with each CS's logo in color. The pictures are downloadable via the "CS Pictures" Quick links menu item.

Please e-mail the web master with any suggestions for improvement. (One thing that might be worthwhile is to remove the blank "No picture" place holders and just list those names at the bottom. Votes accepted!)



A few minutes ago we were saddened to hear from the AOG of the passing of Lorenzo M. "Ren" Crowell, CS-05, on 12 March 2014.

The AOG announcement stated, quote:

+ The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Lorenzo M. "Ren" Crowell, CS-05 class of 1965. Lt Col Crowell passed away on 12 Mar 2014 in Starkville, MS after a battle with Multiple Myeloma.

+ Services were held in Starkville, MS on 22 Mar 2014. Interment will be in Arlington National Cemetery at a later date.

+ The family has suggested that donations, in lieu of flowers, be made to a charity founded by his son, James, to research Multiple Myeloma: Crawfish for Cancer, Inc.; 161 E 91st St Apt 4A; New York, NY 10128.

+ Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Marianne:

+ Mrs. Marianne M. Crowell; 112 Pine Top St; Starkville, MS 39759-6518

End quote.


Class President Bart Holaday to be honored at the USAFA Founder's Day Dinner on 4 April.

Bill Roberts (CS-07) informs us that Bart will be honored as a Distinguished Graduate at the annual Founder's Day Dinner. We all offer a well-earned "congratulations" to you, Bart!


Yesterday we were saddened to hear from the AOG of the passing of Roy Fricke, CS-16, on 31 December 2013.

The AOG announcement stated, quote:

+ The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Mr. Roy A. Fricke, CS-16 class of 1965. Mr. Fricke passed away on 31 Dec 2013 in Redmond as the result of a stroke.

+ Services were held in January 2014 in Redmond.

+ Condolences may be sent in care of his wife, Ting:

+ Mrs. Ting Fricke; 23744 NE 134th Pl; Redmond, WA 98053-5717

End quote.


Maria Bratly has provided a link to a guest book for friends of the late Bill Bratly, CS-23, to visit.

The link to the guest book is:


which you can copy and paste into your browser's address window.


We sadly learned of the passing of Bill Bratly, CS-23, on 20 June.

Bill Swick, CS-23 Rep, got the word froxm Maria Bratly, Bill's wife, and we do not yet know of funeral arrangements.


CS-10 reports new name-on-map permissions: Mike Aarni, Bris Bristow and Howard Burkart. Thanks, guys!


We found some lost CS-09 classmates, but, sadly, one has recently deceased: Don Senn, CS-09.

Joe Koenig, CS-09, reports the death of Don Senn, CS-09, on May 24th, 2013. He sent a link to the obituary:


Joe, with better news, also reports another classmate with unknown CS affiliation, Robert Gillespie, was in CS-09, and he's trying to hunt him down. Welcome, home, Robert!

Thanks to Chuck Ryerson, CS-09, we've some contact data on John Monroe, also of CS-09. Welcome home, John!

Note the site-news e-mail didn't go out for the 2013-06-06 news due to a gmail problem, please check out that news, too.


New name-on-map: Webber, CS-23. Thanks, Dave!


CS-10 found a lost classmate who's glad to join back in: Dave Backus. Welcome home, Dave!

Dave is now also on the maps. Thanks, Dave! We love your enthusiasm, which we hope will rub off on others.


CS-10 adds several more name-on-map permissions, plans for attending 50th reunion! New CS Reps, other CS names-on-map, too!

CS-10 news:

New names-on-map: Rick Barton, Dave Cooper, Ted Lynn, Randy Martin, Tim McConnell, Nordie Norwood, and Wayne Smith. Thanks, guys!

So far eleven members are planning to attend the 50th reunion.

SSL cert installation count is now up to 10 with more reports pending.

Finally, contact data updates have been made many of the squadron mates and shy members are being worked "over" (um, "on"). In the process we note that Tim McConnell has moved. Get your SSL cert to see where he is now!

Good job, Tom and Chuck!

CS-17 news: new CS Alternate Reps Errol Reiner and Dave Bennett announced, thanks, guys.

Other new names-on-map: John Warden, CS-19 Alt Rep; Jim McCracken, CS-23; Mike Summerbell, CS-23; Al Ragsdale, CS-23; Mark Johnson, CS-06, Tim Graves, CS-23; Chilly Childress, CS-23; Errol Reiner, CS-17; Dave Bennett, CS-17.

We also have a new page to see if your CS reps have filled all their squares: see quick links menu item "Sqdn Reps Status."

Last but not least, we have a new map: all CS reps and alternates are shown on the "Squadron Reps" map (that is, if they gave permission for name-on-map). If you don't see all your reps on the map, give the missing ones a buzz and tell them to "get with the program, mister!"


Bob Walsh, CS-11 Rep, wins the prize for catching the first error of the day: Howard Sierer is in CS-22!

Howard also agreed to name-on-map. Thanks, Howard!


LOTS of news including a new volunteer: John Vickery, CS-09 Alt Rep. Thanks, John!

New name-on-map permissions: John Vickery, CS-09; Howard Sierer, CS-11; John Gross, CS-23; Pat McDaniel, CS-23; and Harry Rodman, CS-10. The maps are so updated.

CS-10 and CS-23 have been putting on a big contact drive:

CS-23 Found (formerly 'lost') members Bob Bell, Bill Bratly, Bob Brink, Rich Brzenk, Chilly Childress, Sal D'Alessandro, Joe Fortson, Dave Moore, Lanny Rannenberg, Kent Shannon, and Jack Eidson. They also found at least a city for Bob Dunbar. All are now on the maps but none have given name-on-map permission yet

CS-23 found e-mails for Cliff Patrick and Al Ragsdale.

So the total wing 'lost' number has been reduced by 10 from 194 to 184!

CS-10 has new names for planning to attend the 50th: Chuck Coleman (2), Pat Moore (2), Tom Plank (2), and Harry Rodman (2).

CS-23 now claims Joe Lee. Welcome home, Joe! Now only 42 more names with unknown CS.

Bill Swick reminds us that he and the late Mark Mutchler spent doolie year with CS-21 before moving to CS-23. The records have been updated so they are on both rosters and picture galleries.

SSL certs are starting to be installed: CS-10 has 4 (sqdn with the most, 2 are reps), CS-24 has 3 (1 rep, 1 webmaster), and 7 other reps make a wing total of 14.

Note that all rosters and class stats now track SSL cert installation!

If I missed anyone or anything, please speak up! Reps, watch your e-mail!


Lots of news including: SSL cert help for Mac users and new video tutorials for Windows SSL cert installation.

Thanks to Bill Peavy, CS-24, we now have two new video tutorials about how to install SSL certs, on Windows, for both Firefox and other browsers (IE, Chrome, and Safari). Firefox is discussed in its own video since it manages its own certificate storage, while the other browsers all use the central certificate storage managed by the Windows OS and thus can be discussed together in the other new video tutorial. The new videos, along with the original site intro video, can be found through the renamed quick-link menu item "Site Video Tutorials" above. Kudos, Bill!

Thanks to Chuck Coleman, CS-10, we now have SSL cert installations for Firefox on Mac OS X. Also, Chuck updated the Chrome on Windows instructions. Both sets of instructions are available through the menu item "Site Info => Admin, Policy, and Procedures => SSL Certificate Installation" above. Kudos, Chuck!

Finally, thanks to Jerry Pipinich, CS-23, we now have an almost-Doolie picture of Jimmy Burdue, CS-23 (although we still don't know his present status). The picture of Jimmy came from the 1961 annual of the USMA Prep School, of which both Jerry and Jimmy were graduates. Kudos, Jerry!


Memorial Rolls now available on the site.

The rolls are available for public download through the quick link "Memorial Rolls" on the front page.


Lots of news today! First: Doug Haas, CS-11, has given name-on-map permission. Thanks, Doug!

Bob Walsh, CS-11, reports that, thanks to the the classmates maps, he was able to see a classmate living nearby, Brian Cullen, CS-24, and they have reunited. Glad to hear the maps are doing some good!

CS Reunion: CS-23 Rep Bill Swick reports they have a well-planned reunion on deck for 7-9 June. Honchos John and Ellen Gritsavage, Bob and Karen Brink, and Cliff and Martha Patrick have really put together a great event centered at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina.

Memorial Rolls: During the discussion with Bill about the memorial service they plan where they will read the list of USAFA Class of 1965 deceased members, we decided that is something we should provide on the site. We were able to provide Bill with a more accurate list which had four more members than their manual list, and, better, it is sorted by date of death (the proper order for such a roll call) as well as alpha by last name. Until I can get the rolls on site, I will send them to anyone who requests them. They will be publicly available and automatically updated as new data are added.

The Connection Project: CS-10's Tom Plank and Chuck Coleman have their certs and are charging hard trying to spread the word about the site, pass on personal certs and passwords, and ensure they have the latest data to pass on to us. They started with the CS contact spreadsheets available for download in our "Classmates Only" restricted area, are updating them as they contact each squadron mate via telephone. During the conversation they are sending the person's cert by e-mail, giving the password over the telephone, and helping the recipient install the cert and see that they then have access to the restricted area.

Mac Users: In the process of reaching out to CS-10 members, former Mac novice Chuck Coleman has become a giant in the Mac cert installation business, and he has volunteered to assist Mac persons with cert installation. (See his contact info in the CS Reps section on the site.) Chuck has also provide us with Mac-specific instructions which I will soon post on the site.

Note we have established a Dropbox (dropbox.org) directory so reps can drop spreadsheets with changes in a secure place for us to update the master database.

Mailing Lists: Our mailing lists are getting close to formal roll-out. All our officers and reps are subscribed to the read-only 'site-news' list which notifies one by e-mail when a new NEWS item is posted on the site. Hopefully that will help folks find there way back here more often. Feel free to subscribe yourself via the mailing list subscription page, but please don't contact us with problems yet—the service is still being tidied for general use.


Jerry Pipinich, CS-23, identifies another classmate whose squadron was heretofore unknown: Jimmy K. Burdue was in CS-23.

Welecome home, Jimmy! And thanks for the update, Jerry!


Sadly, the AOG yesterday announced the death of our classmate Charles A. "Tony" Saletta, Jr., CS-21, 11 May 2014. R.I.P.

The AOG announcement, quote:

The Association of Graduates has recently learned of the death of Lt Col (Ret) Charles A. "Tony" Saletta, Jr., CS-21 class of 1965. Lt Col Saletta passed away on 11 May 2013 in Phoenix, AZ after a battle with cancer.

A funeral service will be held on 18 May 2013 at 1030 hrs at the A. L. Moore-Grimshaw Funeral Home; 710 W Bethany Home Rd; Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 249-2111.

His family has suggested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to either of the following charities:

Hospice of the Valley; 1510 E Flower St; Phoenix, AZ 85014; (602) 530-6992

St. Mary's Westside Food Bank; 2831 N 31st Ave; Phoenix, AZ 85009; (602) 242-3663

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Anne:

Mrs. Anne Saletta; 7520 N 11th Ave; Phoenix, AZ 85021-8007

End quote.

We pray for God's love and comfort for Tony's family during their time of grief and mourning.


Sadly, we have just learned of the death, in 2011, of Hugh Stump, CS-11.

Bob Walsh, CS-11 Rep, reported the news, quote:

Hugh Stump was in our Sqdn until the Junior year I believe. He did not graduate and passed away in Eugene, OR in Dec of 2011. He was a big swimmer. I do not know which Sqdn he was moved to, but in our First Class year he had a Corvette and for reasons I can not remember immediately his driving was suspended at the Academy and they took his keys. As we all did, he had another set and was later found driving....no sense of humor in those days!!

His Obituary reads:

Hugh Stump

Hugh David Stump of Eugene died Dec. 24, 2011 of sepsis. He was 67. A private service is planned.

He was born Jan. 11, 1943, in Nappanee, Ind., to David and Carol Clouse Stump.

He held a bachelor of science degree in human physiology from the University of Oregon and a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from California State University. He worked as a photographer, bookbinder and served as president of Jackson & Perkins Rose Co.

Survivors include two daughters, Kari Pepper and Kristi Stump, both of Durango, Colo.; and a sister, Kathy Coomer of Bishop, Calif.

Arrangements by Andreason's Cremation & Burial Service.

I will get you more as I get it.

End quote.

Our belated prayers and sympathy go out to Hugh's family.


New pages are now available inside the "Classmates Only" section: contact data for all classmates we know about.

The format is still fluid (ideas and suggestions welome), but the pertinent data we have is all shown there.

Remember, you must have your personal SSL client certificate installed (ask your CS reps) to get access.


New pages are under construction inside the "Classmates Only" section: contact data for all classmates we know about.

If you have your personal SSL client certificate installed (ask your CS reps), you can get access to current contact data on any known, living classmate we have any data for (i.e., those that are not "lost"). The pages are under construction but will be ready soon (at least in rudimentary form).


New page and quick link added: "Lost Souls" which is a roster of those we know nothing about. Let's find them!

Volunteers still wanted for getting the site news headlines via e-mail.


Second volunteer tests receiving site news headline via e-mail: Tom Plank, CS-10. Thanks, Tom!

We have, belatedly, put the correct picture of Tim McConnell, CS-10, on the site (albeit a picture from the '63 Polaris).

We also are near putting some new videos on the site for helping you install SSL client certificates.


First volunteer tests receiving site news headline via e-mail: Bill Peavy, CS-24. Thanks, Bill!

To sign up, e-mail or call the webmaster (Tom Browder, see info in the header above).


Volunteers wanted for getting the site news headlines via e-mail.

If you want to get an early feel for getting the site news headlines (same as getting a tweet via e-mail), let me know and I'll manually subscribe you. I especially recommend it for squadron reps and alternates to ease keeping up with site happenings.


Things are happening behind the scenes: Bart Holaday has approved an e-mail blast to all classmates with known e-mail.

We have a working e-mail system, and it's been tested by a bunch of volunteers, but we will not blast the message class-wide until the user-friendly interface is ready.

Bill Peavy, CS-24, has made a couple of SSL client certificate installation movies waiting to be put on YouTube with links on the site.

Tom Plank, CS-10 Rep, is charging ahead with updating his squadron data and, with assistant Chuck Coleman, is in the process of contacting all CS-10 mates by phone. In the process he has critiqued some Rep instructions for updating our database (see the updated file at menu "Site Info" => "Admin, Policy, and Procedures" => "Database Fields". Tom also reports we have at least one CS-10 Apple/Mac user who has successfully installed Firefox AND his SSL client certificate on his Apple computer. We hope we can get him to volunteer to be the Apple/Mac goto guy!


Dennis Murphy (CS-15) succeeds in scanning copy of the original ZI field trip roster. Thanks, Murph!

Murph got a good pdf scan of the roster he found in the USAFA Historian's office. You can see it with menu item "Class History => ZI Field Trip, Summer of '62". It's the new first item on that page.

Murph also got a good OCR scan into a MS Word docx file. Bill Peavy will analyze it in the hopes of find some missing classmate data.


Ron Flake, CS-24, has given name-on-map permission. Thanks, Ron!


AOG update on Don Hanson: Funeral to be at USAFA, son's address added.

A graveside funeral service will be held on 15 Feb 2013 at 1000 hrs at the USAFA Cemetery.

In addition to Don's brother, condolences may also be sent to Don's son, Mr. Paul Hanson; 209 21st Ave SW Apt 204; Puyallup, WA 98371-7507.


Sadly, the AOG today announced the death of our classmate Don R. Hanson, CS-24, 7 Feb 2013. R.I.P.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his brother, Mr. Dave Hanson; 2708 211th Ave E; Lake Tapps, WA 98391-9056. We pray for God's love and comfort for Don's family during their time of grief and mourning.


From Bill Roberts: CS-07 announces squadron reunion, tentative date 2013-10-01, in Suffolk, Virginia.

See the announcement on Facebook here.


The "Site Intro Video" has been updated.

The lead-in movie is unchanged, but all the following tutorial slides and ending have new audio tracks which I hope you find to be a great improvement.


Jim beavers, CS-02, has given name-on-map permission. Thanks, Jim!

Note that Jim has recently moved and we have updated his address (available in the class private data area for those who have SSL access to the site).


New "Site Intro Video" added to the site primarily for new users: see 'Quick Links', 'Site Intro Video'.

This is definitely NOT a Hollywood production (weak, shaky voice; non-actor; non-orator; etc.), but I'll try to refine it later.

I plan to add some more videos later including one on CS Rep duties and, hopefully, one from each of our class officers.

Anyone wanting to contribute a tutorial-type site video (called a "screencast") please contact me for details on what settings I used for the screen size. I used a powerful (and free version of) screencasting software package for Windows called "ActivePresenter" whose web site is here.


Eagle-eye Bill Peavy scores again: finds web site for the Red Tag Bastards!

Bill found the web site of the class of 1962 (http://redtags.us/) which completes our list of web sites of classes who shared our years at USAFA (see all of those listed via the menu link "Other Sites" under the section entitled "Classes We Shared USAFA With").


Lance Sijan's sister, Janine Sijan Rozina, notified us of her Lance Sijan film project.

Janine contacted us recently to point out an error in the award date of Lance's Medal of Honor (now corrected and AOG notified). She also wants to let everyone know about her project to tell Lance's story on film. Please visit her web site (http://teamsijan.com/) to find out more information.


Sadly, the AOG yesterday announced the death of our classmate John S. Puster, CS-16, on 11 November 2012. R.I.P.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Mrs. Margaret Puster; 2548 Flowing Springs Dr; Forth Worth, TX 76177-2147. We pray for God's love and comfort for John's wife and family during their time of grief and mourning.


CS-09 now has a rep with all certs and passwords—congrats, Skip Cox!

The passwords went out in today's mail.


Six classmates have been newly associated with their cadet squadrons—welcome home, mates!

Based on the ZI Field Trip roster found by Bill Peavy, the following classmates have been associated with their cadet squadrons (and misspellings corrected): Alan R. Griffith (CS-18), Ronald F. Ott (CS-21), Luther C. Shelton (CS-14), Alexander M. Stanton, Jr. (CS-18), James A. Vallender (CS-18), and Benjamin F. Warlick, Jr. (CS-14).

We would appreciate confirmation by squadron mates who knew them.


Two recent great historical finds by Bill Peavy (CS-24) and Dennis Murphy (CS-15)—thanks, guys!

I'm remiss in mentioning the two finds:

1. Bill found one part of the roster of our class on the ZI Field Trip in the summer of 1962. It is now in the "Class History | ZI Field Trip" section on the site. Accompanying it is the text of the e-mails from Bill concerning the find and his analysis. I'll detail changes I'll make to the site due to Bill's findings in the next news item.

2. Dennis (Murph) Murphy, as a volunteer researcher, reported some results to me and Jerry Wilkowski in an e-mail on 6 Dec. Part of the e-mail follows, quote:

I made a number of visits to the Historian's office during the Aug-Oct 2012 time frame to review the various '65 Class History volumes and ask questions of the staff. Everyone (particularly Dutch) was most helpful.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a roster from early Summer of 1961 that includes the names of all the folks who entered as Class of '65 members on 26 June 1961. Interestingly, I found one class (1966 I believe) that did have a Registrar document that included a listing of every individual identified to enter as a member of that class (unfortunately, I could find no such document in the 1965 files). I was able to locate of roster from the Summer of 1962 that listed all Class of '65 members participating in the ZI field trip. The Historian's office also has a box of photos for our class (mostly negatives per the POC I talked with.

End quote.

Murph is going to copy the roster and we'll put it on the site. He is also looking for someone to volunteer to help look throught the photos and see what we can use. Also due to Murph's find, we've asked classmate Bob Foerster (CS-24), former USAFA Chief of Staff, to see if he can help pinging the Registar's office just in case they have any old jewels around.

Thanks Bill and Murph!


CS Reps with SSL certificates have their names shown with leading asterisks.

When you're ready to get access to the classmates-only pages you can see if one of your reps can help you. If none have an asterisk in front of their names, ask them politely to help you get access.


We now have six CS Reps or alternates checked out to distribute SSL client certificates for their squadron mates.

They are: Ken Krause (CS-07), Tony Mras (CS-12), Bill Peavy (CS-24), Tom Plank (CS-10), Lynn Reid (CS-08), and Bob Walsh (CS-11). Call them for your certificate and the password to get access to the classmates-only section of the site.


Bruce Wood notified us that Mel Bantau was in CS-04 instead of CS-22—so corrected. Thanks, Bruce.


Bruce Wood, CS-22 Rep. (and Class Scribe), has given name-on-map and rep-show-phone permissions. Thanks, Bruce!


Mike Higgins, CS-24, has given name-on-map permission. Thanks, Mike!


Lynn Reid, CS-08 Alt. Rep., has given name-on-map and rep-show-phone permissions. Thanks, Lynn!


Two more classmates showing on the maps: Lee Allgood (CS-24) and Brian Cullen (CS-24). Thanks, guys!

Note there are also two "quick links" above the main menu to help access the classmates-only restricted area.


New site SSL client certs are being used successfully, but IE 9 users need to change a default setting to ensure success.

See the new special setting instructions in the menu selection "Site Info | Admin, Policy, and Procedures | SSL Certificate Installation" and click on the Internet Explorer 9 link. The special setting instructions are at the bottom of that page.

Note for Mac OS X users and SSL client certificates: we have had success using Firefox and Chrome, but Safari still doesn't work and probably won't for some time.

Note also that IE 8 is now marked as "does not work."


Current contact data is now available in the private area accessible only to those classmates with SSL client certificates.

The data will be updated as corrections and new contacts are made. The data at the moment are in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, one per squadron, and named to show the date produced.

Squadron reps and alternates are getting checked out in importing and distributing SSL client certificates (certs). If you want access to the private data, contact one of your reps and ask for your cert which will be delivered by e-mail. The password required to use it MUST be obtained by telephone.

The "price" of a certificate is confirming current contact data, including at least a mailing address, e-mail address, and a phone number (including a mobile number if available).

Note that an e-mail address (as well as the other contact data) is mandatory for obtaining a cert.


New class data item: rosters by squadron. See menu "Class Data, Squadron Rosters...."

Squadrons are divided into groups, and the CS rosters are handy for seeing the current state of classmate data and the efforts of squadron reps and alternates to fill in the gaps.


Michael Ditmore has just volunteered to be the CS-05 Rep.

Michael has also agreed to have his phone numbers shown and his name shown on the maps. Thanks, Michael!

The other CS-05 reps are moving down a notch as alternates, so CS-05 has the best representation of all: four reps!


Bob Golden, CS-16 Rep, is now on the maps and his phone number is shown. Thanks, Bob!


Good news for Mac users: Firefox and Chrome browsers successfully use SSL client certificates (certs) for restricted access.

The bad news is Mac OS X Safari and Opera do not handle cert access successfully, so Mac users will have to install either Firefox (recommended) or Chrome to get access to our site private area when it is complete.


Billy Swick, CS-05, has identified classmate John Hogan, Jr., as a member of CS-05.

Thanks, Billy, and welcome home, John!


Jeff Vendetti (CS-22) is now shown on the maps. Thanks, Jeff!


Four more CS reps/alternates now showing phone numbers and names/locations on the maps, and one more added to the maps!

Harold Rust (CS-19), Curt Nelson (CS-03), Bill Swick (CS-23), and Jim Swallow (CS-01) have authorized us to show both; and Leon Rausch (CS-03) wants to be on the maps, too. Thanks, guys!

Also, Leon has stated he's planning to attending to the 50th—another statistic we encourage all to say 'yes' to.


Updated, corrected, and reformatted SSL instructions are now available (some with figures: many thanks to Bill Peavy, CS-24)!

The improved and new documents are under menu "Site Info | Admin, Policy, and Procedures | SSL Certificate Installation".

Note, also thanks to Bill, we now have instructions for IE 8.


Your CS Reps and Alts. are testing security procedures for private access to contact data.

The CS Reps and Alternates have been sent a test SSL client certificate to practice using their browsers to import such a certificate. The first two responders, Billy Swick (CS-05) and Bob Walsh (CS-11), noted some problems with the existing instructions. The instructions have been updated to expand on the IE 9 browser details and to add instructions for Firefox 15.

The updated instructions are under menu "Site Info | Admin, Policy, and Procedures | SSL Certificate Installation".


The site has a new look in preparation for active classmates-only private access areas.

All pages (including maps, but not pop-up pages) should show a black navigation bar at the top with "Home" and "Login" links. The "Login" link is yellow indicating it isn't activated yet, but the "Home" link, when clicked, should always take you back to the home page. The original "HOME" page links have been removed from all pages.

Note that the nav bar is fixed on the home page so that it remains in place even when you scroll down the page. Clicking the "Home" link will reload the page so the header is back in place (or you can scroll back).

Note also the home page header has been tidied up a little: the logo images are now 25 pixels shorter, the horizontal rules are gone, the site statistics link and browser recommendations are in another linked page, and there is a solid border around the page so it will blend with the fixed nav bar during scrolling.


Three more classmates' names on the map and two more reps showing phone numbers!

Wayne G. Brown (CS-14) is now on the map as are CS Reps Rob Larsen (CS-14) and Bill Bowers (CS-01) (both of whom also have their phone numbers now shown). Thanks, Wayne, Rob, and Bill!


Got a spelling correction for Alphonse Iudicello (CS-14) from Wayne "Eagle Eye" Brown (CS-14). Thanks, "EE"!

Note that we have shown Tom Murawski's phone number as CS-05 Rep since 11 Sep. Thanks, Tom!


Got map permission from George Young, CS-07. Thanks, George!


Got map/phone permission from brand new volunteer CS-10 Alt. Rep Chuck Coleman. Thanks, Chuck!


Got map/phone permission from CS-05 2nd Alt. Rep Bart Raspotnik. Thanks, Bart!


Got map/phone permission from CS Rep Kary LaFors (CS-19). Thanks, Kary!


Got map and phone permission from two more CS Reps.

George Cardea (CS-18) and Billy Swick (CS-05) volunteered to have their locations shown on the maps and their phone numbers on their respective reps pages. Thanks, guys!

Note that Billy's name has been on the maps since we first started them.


Got map and phone permission from two more CS Reps.

Skip Cox (CS-09) and Tom Plank (CS-10) volunteered to have their locations shown on the maps and their phone numbers on their respective reps pages. Thanks, guys!


Another permission for map/phone: Bob Walsh, CS-11 Rep. Thanks, Bob!


Got map and phone permission from six CS Reps and Alternates.

Jude Terhall (CS-07), Jock Patterson (CS-17), Ron Bailey (CS-22), Paul MacDowell (CS-02), Tony Mras (CS-12), and Ken Krause (CS-08) all volunteered to have their locations shown on the maps and their phone numbers on their respective reps pages. Thanks, guys!


Got permission to show locations on maps AND phone numbers: Bob Giffen and Bill Peavy, CS-24 Rep and Alt. Thanks, guys!


New maps feature: CS Reps and Alternate Reps are shown with asterisks in front of their names.

Note that those who have not explicitly said they could be shown on the maps have a null map (no squadron shown) and no name, but with an asterisk to keep you guessing.


CS-05 new rep lineup: Tom Murawski primary, Billy Swick 1st alt., Bart Raspotnik 2nd alt. Thanks Tom, Billy, and Bart!

Note: Tom agreed to let us show his location on the maps. Remember, you must explicitly say you allow that to be done—we encourage you to do so.


Updated site project status. See "Site Info" | "TODO".


J. E. "Em" Roberts is claimed by CS-19. Welcome home, Em!

Harold Rust (CS-19) says Em Roberts was Chuck Scribner's roommate all during 4th class year. We assume that J. E. Roberts is Em until notified otherwise.


Harold Rust has volunteered to be Alt. CS Rep for CS-19. Thanks, Harold!


John White pointed out that Tim Murphy belongs in CS-21—welcome home, Tim!


John White has volunteered to be Alt. CS Rep for CS-21. Thanks, John!

John discovered the site out in the wild and contacted us to report errors in his picture and that of Mike Tedesco (also CS-21, both now corrected). He was very interested in the project and was talked into volunteering (he may even get his grandchildren or wife to sign him up to follow the site on Twitter!). He also agreed to have his location shown on the maps, so he gets a name label with the flag.


All classmate location maps are now turned on with new name formats.

Names of those classmates who allow their locations to be shown are now shown in labels at the base of their respective flagstaffs. Cursor hovering is no longer required to see the names, so the maps will work properly on tablet devices.

Note: Please report any problems with the maps to the webmaster.


A bit of site cleanup. All "Class Maps" now fit the locations better.


New "Class Maps" type: 'All (with names with permission)'; all maps updated for current data.

The two maps have the "preferred_sqdn" on an "AFA '65" flag and the lower end of the flagstaff showing the approximate location for all classmates with known locations. The locations are randomized between one and five NM and a random bearing from the exact location.

Classmates who have given permission have their exact location shown and their name appears when your mouse cursor hovers near the flag. The 'All (with names with permission' map shows only those classmates (very few at the moment).

Squadron variants of the two maps above will be coming soon.


Al Grieshaber has volunteered as Alt. Sqdn Rep for CS-12. Thanks, Al!


Bob Walsh has volunteered as Sqdn Rep for CS-11. Thanks, Bob, you make it a full wing of CS reps!


We now have CS Rep volunteers for CS-03!

Paul Johnson, Carl Lyday, and Curt Nelson have volunteered as CS Rep, Alt. CS Rep, and 2nd Alt. CS Rep, respectively, for CS-03. Thanks Roy, Carl, and Curt!

We'll have a full house of CS Reps when we get a commitment from one or more CS-11 guys.


New feature added: squadron logo history page.

Thanks to interest by Mike Krause (CS-08) and Ed Jordan (CS-03), we have added a new history page. See the "Squadron Logos" link under the "Class History" menu button.


Lynn Reid has volunteered as Alt. Sqdn Rep for CS-08. Thanks, Lynn!


Lots of classmate interest (and updates) from CS-03, CS-08, CS-11, and CS-16.

Updates include some contact data and squadron affiliation. We'll incorporate those squadron updates after we get a consensus from the appropriate CS members.

We need only two more CS Reps: CS-03 (one is almost ready to commit) and CS-11. We also have room for more alternates.

All classmates check out the new "Special Features" on the "Site Info" menu item. It tells more about the "memory" feature for deceased classmates and the criteria for showing data on the "Class Maps" pages.

We will be adding more info to the "Site Info" | "Administration, Policy, and Procedures" pages as we go along, questions are asked, and suggestions made.

If your e-mail to the webmaster seems to be overlooked, be patient—internet access will be sporadic until Sunday, 26 Aug. Feel free to ping him after that if you continue to be ignored.

Watch for a new page soon to be activated: "Class History" | "Squadron Logos".


CS Reps and prospects, check out draft docs under the "Site Info" "Policy and Procedures" menu.


Roy Fricke has volunteered as Alt. Sqdn Rep for CS-16. Thanks, Roy!


Bob Golden volunteered as Sqdn Rep for CS-16. Thanks, Bob!


Mike Krause volunteered as Sqdn Rep for CS-08. Thanks, Mike!


Ken Krause volunteered as Alt. Sqdn Rep for CS-07. Thanks, Ken!


Jude Terhall volunteered as Sqdn Rep for CS-07. Thanks, Jude!


The CS Rep call also included CS-07.


We just sent another call for CS Reps to all emails we know in CS-03, CS-08, CS-11, and CS-16.

A number of those addresses are apparently invalid, which confirms the need for a good data scrub.


27 new classmates' names have been added to our roster.

See the "no picture" entries in the front page link "Classmates with unknown CS affiliation."

The new names were gleaned from Bill Peavy's analysis of the 1961 USAFA Christmas card he found in his late mother's possessions. See the "CLass History" menu, and the "Doolie Christmas of '61" link.


Sadly, the AOG yesterday announced the death of our classmate Terry L. Nicholas, CS-15, on 10 July 2012. R.I.P.

Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Mrs. Sylvia Nicholas; 419 O'Farrell Ave SE; Olympia, WA 98501-3467. We pray for God's love and comfort for Terry's wife and family during their time of grief and mourning.


The AOG data has finally been merged with our independent database.

Note the "Class Data" menu links are no longer yellow (except for the "Classmates Only" link) meaning that we have our initial baseline stats and data.

In the data merge, we see that we have picked up two more deceased members. Additionally, some new squadron affiliations were found that result in seven more classmates with multiple squadron assignments. On the other hand, we have one less classmate with an unknown squadron affiliation. When we get all 24 squadrons represented, one of our first tasks will be to do a thorough scrub of the data and try to resolve errors and inconsistencies.


Yesterday Kary LaFors volunteered as Sqdn Rep for CS-19. Thanks, Kary!

Kary's stepping up to the plate makes 4th Group the first group to have 100% squadron representation!

Now we still have five more squadrons without a primary rep. The absentee squadrons are: CS-03, CS-07, CS-08, CS-11, and CS-16. We will soon make another call to those in the absentee squadrons.


Squadron Reps pages (see menu button "Class Staff") have been reformatted for easier viewing.


John Warden has volunteered as CS-19 2nd Alt. Rep. Thanks, John!

Note the site menu button "Class Maps" now has place holders for submaps. They should actually point to the corresponding real maps soon.


Tom Pilsch has volunteered as CS-13 Rep. and Page Basheer accepted the CS-13 Alternate Rep. position. Thanks Tom and Page!

Now we have 18 reps and 4 alternate reps—still need at least six more to fill the primary slots.


Bill Peavy "volunteered" to be the CS-24 Alternate Rep. Thanks, Bill!

We still need seven more CS Reps. A new call will soon be going out to the guys Jerry Wilkowski suggested. It would be nice to have a full house before the site access and security tests get underway—the tests are ready to be launched now!


Another "Class History" item added.

Again, thanks to the research skills of Bill Peavy, we have added some information from local Colorado papers, as well as conversations with classmates, on the tragic death of our classmate, Larry Paul, during Basic Cadet Training, the summer of 1961. See the "Class History" menu button.


New "Class History" item added.

Thanks to Bill Peavy's late mother, who saved the original she received in December 1961, we now have a pdf copy of the official USAFA Christmas card and cadet dinner menu from 1961—brings back lots of memories. See the "Class History" menu button.


Class aux web site gets 'A' for security. See (https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/) for your own analysis.


The first auto-tweet has been sent.

No other news at the moment—back to work on site security and data "infrastructure."


The site has a new Twitter follow button!

This site has been quiet while the Mozilla Persona authorization scheme continues to be worked (and we've been busy visiting our new grandson). I'm testing it on https://mygnus.com. Note the login system will use your e-mail address as your user name. For security, the address will have to be already authenticated, or verified through another source such as the AOG database or your CS representative. If anyone is interested in helping test, let me know and I'll add your e-mail address to the authorized list for the test site.

Note the test site has a password strength checker that will be added to this site in some manner. Since the Persona system relies on a valid e-mail address, it's important to have a good password on that e-mail account. The password checker can help you ascertain that.

One other ongoing but new project has added a Twitter follow button on this site. The Twitter account is established as "@usafa1965" and there is one Tweet existing. We plan to make automatic tweets that parallel the news items but have ellipses where the news item exceeds the Tweet length (140 characters). We will try to write the news entries in good style so the tweets will be catchy enough to make followers want to check out this site. If you are interested you can start following us now manually through your Twitter account (we already have two followers as this is posted). See https://twitter.com/ for Twitter accounts and details of the Tweet world.


Tony Mras has just volunteered as CS Rep for CS-12—thanks, Tony!

We now have 16 CS reps—just eight to go.


Frank (FX) McCann has just volunteered as CS Rep for CS-04—thanks, FX!


Ron Bailey has just been volunteered as alternate CS rep for CS-22—thanks, Ron!


Forgot to add that Denny Murphy, CS-15, volunteered to investigate class archives at USAFA. He's already met with Dr. Charles (Dutch) Dusch of the USAFA Historian's Office and has been shown the secrets there (found lots of stuff!). (Denny may also recruit Pat Moore, CS 10, to help with the digging.)


New Cadet Squadron Representatives (thanks, guys!):

CS-01: Bill Bowers (alternate: Jim Swallow)

CS-14: Rob Larsen (acting)

Now we're up to 14 (plus some alternates). Note that we now show up to two alternates per squadron (good idea!), and we're still looking for volunteers...

From Ron Bailey some time ago: corrected Dick Husemann's picture for CS-22 (reported by several others also). Turns out Dick's picture was not in '62 Polaris at all so we got the one from p. 356 in the '63 Polaris. Please check it out and make sure it's correct!

Jerry Wilkowski has found numerous problems with data on the site, and several have been fixed:

Dave Hudak was in CS-01, welcome home, Dave!

Several have noticed that the Wheeler shown in CS-16 is not Tim Wheeler. The whole issue is confusing and it looks like the pictures of the two Wheelers (TT and CP) on page 198 of the '62 Polaris are swapped. We have reversed them and all who know them need to see if that produces the correct results.

Other changes:

Dick Dewing graduated as a member of CS-05, so now we show him in both CS-11 and CS-05.

Several classmates are shown as members of two squadrons. We have some conflicting opinions about some and would appreciate confirmation. The page "Classmates in multiple squadrons" shows them and the squadron shown last should be the squadron they were in last.


Jerry Wilkowski, Class Historian, has volunteered to be the Sqdn Rep for CS-15. Thanks, Jerry! See his mug shot on the 3rd Group Sqdn Rep page. (Use menu item "Class Staff" => "Sqdn Reps" => "3rd Group" to see it.

Info on Lance Sijan, with more links, has been moved to its own page. See it through the menu item "Lance Sijan".


While scrubbing the latest AOG data, I found two classmates whom the AOG says don't want to hear about class activities. After a few phone calls I've found that the AOG is wrong—great!

One of the calls resulted in a new Squadron Rep volunteer, Art Beamon, CS-21. Thanks, Art!


The Yahoo incompatibility with SSL security (https) has been solved. Your browser should now show the symbol indicating a secure connection between it and this web server (for example, the Google Chrome browser shows a green lock and 'https' in the address window at the top). There should me no mixed secure and non-secure content.


I couldn't stand it. I found another menuing system from Yahoo and the "skin" seems pretty good for the site's existing colors, etc. (after some tweaks). It now has sub-sub-menus which can be seen in the top-level "Site Info" menu button and the "AOG Data Requests" sub-item. (Note the downside of the Yahoo code at the moment is it breaks the security of the https access, but the issue will be fixed before we expose class private data to authorized classmates.)

We also have the three Dodo issues now in one document per issue.

And I'm still working the data...


Still haven't finished with data, but I had to get a better menu in place (better, not perfect). The top-level menus now generally have sub-menus. Menu items with active links (including top level items without sub-menus) will change to bold text when you hover over them. Comments and suggestions, please!

I also added two other Dodo issues thanks to Gary Corbin, and a place-holder for an upcoming page for our deceased classmate, Lawrence Paul, who died during BCT our doolie summer. See the item under "Class History".

You will find other place-holder menu items scattered about. Suggestions for menu reorganization welcome.


CS-05 Rep Billy Swick corrected the BCT article person IDs for the picture "Learning to eat again..."—great memory, Billy!

See the first issue of the Dodo from our doolie year at the "Doolie Dodo" link. Gary Corbin has promised to send copies of the rest of that year's issues.

There should be no more NEWS until I finish getting the database up to snuff. At that point, the yellow menu items for "Class Stats" and "Sqdn Stats" will be removed and the database will be the baseline for class data browsing.

Please check out all the pages and send suggestions. I will be scrubbing formats and reorganizing the main page menu after I get the database in shape, and that will be a good time to make major changes.


Check out the "Class Stats" and "Sqdn Stats" links where we have a first cut at stats from the whole database. Note we haven't completely merged in AOG and other data thus the menu items are still yellow, but you can see the format.

Lots of small changes in appearance in preparation for some major integration of Javascript neatness. Still need to tidy most tables.


Gary Corbin reports he has 4 issues of the Dodo from Doolie Year. He has scanned them into pdfs and they will be on the web site soon.

By the way, please check out the eDodo site. See the "Other USAFA Sites" menu button.


Added links to some of Lance Sijan's history. See top of "Other USAFA Sites" page.

Added another picture to the "Class History" page, reordered pages, tentatively identified more classmates in the pictures.


The POW entries have been reworded again, comments welcome.


The line of 'n's on the roster page is gone (coding error).

You may notice a change in the site appearance—the fonts are now sans-serif so words may be easier to read.


There is now a class roster showing the status of the database for all the names in it. See the link at the "Class Roster" menu button. Later there will be a separate roster for each CS so CS Reps and members can see what they need to do. There is more data to be manipulated so this is not the complete status yet.

The page has a problem: note the line of 'n's beneath the headers. I have no idea what the problem is but I will fix it tomorrow.


Note the rewording of the POW link to "Honor Under Duress: Vietnam War POWs" (and similar wording on the page itself). Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


The "Class History" page is now considered reasonably complete. Pictures have been resized and captions are in a better location. The yellow on the menu button has been removed.


Just completed: new POW page via the link "Honor Under Duress: Vietnam War POWs" at the right.


We received a treasured piece of class history from Gary Corbin, CS-22: scanned pages from the Oct 14, 1961, issue of the Saturday Evening Post containing an article on our Basic Cadet Training (BCT) summer. You can access the scans via the "Class History" menu link on the top of this page. The button shows yellow indicating it is not working but it is hot. We are still working on the scans to get the pictures the correct size. When we do we will remove the yellow.

Bill Peavy has typed the article into MS Word doc and converted it into two pdfs duplicating the scanned article. Those pdfs appear first on the page.


We've added three more classmates who joined us late (i.e., they were in a previous class): Edward C. (Ed) Hein, Jr. (CS-13); Van C. Sanders, Jr. (CS-03); and John G. Sellers (CS-01).

We've also added two others the AOG says are in our class but did not graduate: Demetrius L. Goebel and David M. Hudak. We do not have pictures of them. J. A. Koenig thinks Goebel was in CS-09, but we are putting Hudak on the "Classmates with unknown CS affiliation" page until someone clues us in.

Welcome to the brotherhood, guys!


See new page "Site TODO" for site plans and status. New project suggestions welcome.


See the new "Squadron Report" menu item on the second row. That shows the current status as we know it. CS-24, in mid 2010, accounted for all its members who started with us in the fall of 1961 and who joined us prior to graduation. We either have current contact information on all or know that they are deceased. The flag is down—help fill in the blanks!

Note the last item in the report: number planning to attend the 50th reunion. I have shown CS-24 with one because I like to attend reunions every 25 years and it will be time again. I know there are many of the class planning to attend, but the scoreboard is almost clean at the moment. Squadron reps, report!


Added a new dedication link at the top of the front page. A long-overdue thanks to Bill Peavy for the idea and wording—that should help clear the air about who we have on the site and clarify how the CS assignments work.

Another small victory in the PR and marketing arena: Class Scribe Bruce Wood has asked the staff of the USAFA AOG Checkpoints Magazine to advertise our two class web sites in the class news banner.


Dick Audiss caught a gross error: I had the wrong picture for Jock Patterson as CS REp for CS-17—corrected (sorry, Jock)!

Dick also brought up another point: some guys are shown in multiple squadrons. As Bill Peavy and I decided (and noted in the "Site Notes") we have tried to show all squadrons a classmates was in during his USAFA career as a member of our class. If you check the "All classmates" link you will see such men with multiple squadrons and the first listed should be the one he was a member of in the fall of 1961 while the last listed should be his graduation or last squadron.

Please correct the record if you see an error. There is now a new page that shows the multiple-squadron classmates to help sort that out. It's at the right after "All classmates" and is called "Classmates in multiple squadrons" for want of a better term.


Preferred names (or nicknames) are now shown in parentheses if known.


Name update: Jude Terhall reports Malcom Bowen, originally know as Skip during Zoomie days, now prefers to be called Mal.


Thanks to Ken Krause we've been able to fill in some more names for initials and some nicknames for the database (and the site): Bob Penry, Dick Nethers, Douglas McGrath, Edward A. (Gary) Fausti, George Young, John Metz, Larry Stone, Malcolm (Skip) Bowen, Mike Short, and Paul Dickey.


Thanks to Bill McDermott, Bill Roberts, and Jude Terhall we have brought E. J. Hayes (believed to be Elmer Jerry) Hayes from unknown CS-status into the fold of CS-07. Welcome home, Jerry!


Added links to the 1959, 1960, 1965, 1966, and 1968 Polaris yearbooks through the "Other USAFA Sites" menu button. (There are later classes but years 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1967 are missing from the main site.)


Billy Swick has volunteered to be Class Rep for CS-05.

There is now a link to the 1964 Polaris through the "Other USAFA Sites" menu button.


Phew, I made it. The map has been updated to show the 427 locations I have knowledge of. At the moment there are only 7 with cadet squadron numbers and names shown when hovering over that location.

Next I will make a series of subset maps for only those who have approved their location data to be shown. One map for all and maps for each squadron with one or more members agreeing to be shown.

Let me know if you want to be shown.


Note there is a new "BrowserID" FAQ you might be interested in since it is the system we plan to use to provide this site's authentication: <https://developer.mozilla.org/en/BrowserID/FAQ>.


Added Tom Pilsch's CS-13 web site. See menu link "Other USAFA Sites."

Note: keep watching this site today for another announcement. Later I will show all classmates with known addresses (from the AOG database in late 2010) on the classmates map. Except for those who have explicitly given me permission (seven counting me), all that will be shown is a USAFA '65 flag (no CS identified) and the location of it will be randomized to a position from 1 to 5 miles (and on a random bearing) from the actual location. If you want to show your location (no address), CS flag, and name, let me know.


Corrected spelling of Roger Mortensen's last name. The Polaris '62 had it as 'Mortenson' but AOG shows 'Mortensen' at graduation so we accept that as official.


Bill Roberts is now shown on the classmates map. Bill has identified E. J. Hayes as a member of CS-07, welcome home, E.J.!


Paul McDowell reports that Kelly D. Nay is a member of CS-2—welcome home, Kelly!

Updated e-mail address of Skip Cox (CS-09 Sqdn Rep).


Added more class reps: Tom Plank (CS-10), Jock Patterson (CS-17), Howard Hill (CS-20), Bob Giffen (CS-24).

We still need 14 more!


After way too long, I've tidied up the Cadet Sqdn Reps page and added four more reps: Paul McDowell, CS-02; Mark Johnson, CS-06; Skip Cox, CS-09; and George Cardea, CS-18.

I'm sure I've missed some who've already volunteered—please feel free to awaken me!


Thanks to ever-sharp-eyed Bill Peavy I realize the BrowserID sign in kind of leaves you hanging. After you've logged in, at the moment you're left at the BrowserID site. There you can change your account settings if you wish. You have to push the back button on your browser to get back to our site.

I've also moved the sign in button up underneath the site title and renamed the original button "Classmates Only" which will be the entrance to private data requiring authorization. Right now that button takes you to a "page under construction" as do all yellow buttons.

Note that the BrowserID system requires a password of minimum eight characters but allows up to 30 characters. I highly recommend using the full 30 random characters generated via a password manager like Lastpass—I do.


I've found what I think is the solution to the authentication issue: BrowserID by Mozilla. There is a new button on the second row for classmates to sign in. Currently the link is hot so you can establish your personal BrowserID account which will be used for authentication for more and more single-sign-on sites around the web. I encourage you to check it out and sign up now.

Eventually I will have this site set up so that sign in will give you access to the classmates-only pages (contact data, etc.). There will be internal code that will only allow folks with known e-mail addresses (and whose identity is authenticated) to enter. The starting point for approval will be your e-mail address I got from the AOG. The next gateway, for any with no known e-mail address, will be CS reps who will certify your e-mail address to me. I will handle that for any CS without a rep.

Comments or concerns welcome.


The latest issue of the Checkpoints arrived at my house yesterday. Check out class news starting on page 99. Scribe Bruce Wood points out that he cannot use photos taken with a cell phone because they are usually not dense enough to make suitable images for print. He recommends using a proper digital camera.


The top button link "Other USAFA Sites" now points to a list of links of web sites of classes we shared our cadet days with.


The class senator was missing from the class officers page. The incumbent, Bob Giffen, now appears in his rightful place.


I'm looking for a couple (or more) volunteers to help test a database for the site.

There will be two tests: (1) try out a test database on another site of mine: a candidate geneological database I plan to use as a starting point for our contact database design and (2) test out the USAFA '65 contact database when I get a prototype up and working on this site.

For the first test you will share credentials with other testers and enter fake data while you get familiar with the database and its features and suggest modifications or improvements to satisfy our needs.

For the USAFA '65 database test you will be provided an individual user name and password, check that you can get access to the database on the site, try to update your information (which you should be able to do), and, finally, try to update someone else's information (which you NOT be able to do).

Volunteers please contact me at tom.browder@gmail.com.


I just sent a request to Bruce Wood to mention this site in the next Checkpoints.


Okay, I can see the correct news feed link now and it seems to work. Feedback requested, please.


Um, news feed still doesn't work right—removing until I can figure out the problem.


My bad! Bill Peavy pointed out the news feed link pointed to my high school site (watch cut and paste coding—argh). It should be correct now.


A belated Happy New Year, '65 Gray Tags!

After a lot of experience gained with my high school web site in preparation for our 50th reunion last October, I am better prepared to ramp up our site for the countdown to our 50th reunion in 2015.

One of the immediate things you should see is an atom news feed. Each of these update news bits is a separate article available through a news reader as well as being shown as usual on the site in the 'Latest News' section.

You can subscribe with a news reader to alert you to site updates. Use the Google button above the site statistics link in the header to add the feed to your Google Reader (or Google homepage).

I also fixed the site statistics link which has been badly broken.


While comparing AOG data to that we started with, we've found a few more misspellings and apparent name errors (for example, Fred De Groot, CS-14, had his last name spelled 'DeGroot' (no space) on the AOG list—that still may be wrong, although that's supposed to be the official spelling, but Fred will have to say otherwise; same for 'LaBounty', CS-17, which was 'La Bounty').

Those changes have been made on the site. We also now have a more complete list of those who joined the class after the fall of '61. Those will be added after a double check. Then we will add no-picture place holders until we can get a suitable picture (for example, see Johnny Judd, CS-22).

Keep watching this space—anonymous classmate location flags coming soon!


Correction: Ranger Nelson, CS-03, died in February 1982.


From Bill Swick: Ranger Nelson, CS-03, died in July 1964.


From Jerry Pipinich and Howard Hill: Albert L. Eathorne's name is correct as originally input. And CS-20 is confirmed. Unfortunately, Jerry found what he believes to be Al's name on the Social Security deceased list, but he cannot confirm that is our Al. So we gladly put Al in the found category, but await word on his final status. [only 36 unknowns left]


Cliff found the date of death of Joe O'Gorman: 2002-08-10.

Bill Swick, CS-23, reported Christopher G. Nied and Halsey Stickel both were in CS-21, Welcome home, guys!


Cliff Patrick, CS-23, volunteered for the map. Now listed are:

  • Tom Browder, CS-24
  • Bill Peavy, CS-24
  • Billy Swick, CS-05
  • Jerry Pipinich, CS-23
  • Ron Bailey, CS-22
  • Cliff Patrick, CS-23

Cliff also noted that Joe O'Gorman had died, but no date is known. Anyone?

I've added a copy of the form I had to sign to get all classmate data from the AOG. As you can see, it hasn't been exposed in the wild (see the "AOG Data Request Form" link at the top). You will be able to get access when I get all the controls in place. (The form is a tif file, so you may not be able to view it unless you have the proper viewer program installed. Windows users should have no trouble.)


Cliff Patrick, CS-23, pointed out that Jody Powell, CS-09, died last decade but wasn't sure of the date. According to Wikipedia it was 2009-09-14. Cliff also noted that Joe O'Gorman had died, but no date is known.


Ron Bailey, CS-22, volunteered for the map. Now listed are:

  • Tom Browder, CS-24
  • Bill Peavy, CS-24
  • Billy Swick, CS-05
  • Jerry Pipinich, CS-23
  • Ron Bailey, CS-22

I'm close to adding all addresses I know to the map following these rules:

Those folks who have given permission to show their location have a "CS-NN" on their "AFA '65" flag and their name shows when you hover the mouse on the flag. The permitted-location flags have the center of the base of the flag pole directly on the location as defined by Google Map's geocoding coordinates.

Non-permitted locations are randomized to between one and five miles (in a random direction) from the actual location. Of course if we don't know your address (or at least a town and state) nothing is shown.

See my high school site (highlandsprings61.org) for what it will look like.


John Gross, CS-23, identified Ron Murray as being in CS-03. Welcome home, Ron!

Also thanks to John I've added my contact info back to the top—easier for first-time visitors

And Jerry Pipinich is on the map!


Added Billy Swick to the map—and I now have CS icons for CS-01 through CS-24.


Check out the new icons for the map. I plan to make one for each CS, but I'll make them in the order guys volunteer to have their names shown on the map (and I'll need an address if your address on the AOG site as of Dec 2010 is not current).


From Jerry Pipinich, CS-23: Robert (Bob) Dunbar's date of death corrected (was 2010-05-23, changed to 2009-05-23 per e-mail from Bob's widow).


If you want to see WHO the class officers and CS reps are, take a look!


Check out the "Classmates Map" to see my location (and others who've volunteered to be on the public map). You all are next, but you'll get some options:

  • no show [default]
  • private [password access]
  • public [no password required]

Comments solicited, please!


From Bill Peavy's eagle eyes, four more unknowns identified: R. E. Gardner, CS-19; J. B. Kelly, CS-14; M. Mantell, CS-02; and G. D. McCubbin, CS-16. Welcome home, guys! (Only 40 more to find.)

Need volunteers for CS reps—see link above. Also check that officers list is correct, please.

Some new stuff coming—yellow links above are not hot yet.


Several overdue changes (now only 44 classmates with unknown CS affiliation), some sad news:

From Mark Johnson: T. J. Oravetz is deceased (home accident, 1980); Cliff Masters was in CS-6.

From Brent Bowen: H. E. Bednar is in CS-13. Welcome home!

From Howard Hill: A. L. Eathorne is really A. L. Eathone of CS-20.

W. C. White is NOT a classmate—he graduated in 1964—removed from all lists.


A small team of classmates is testing some mailing lists prior to opening it up to the rest of the class. The final names and descriptions of the lists are still being discussed but for now it looks something like this:

  • announcements@usafa-1965.org - a read-only list for the class officers to publish items
  • news@usafa-1965.org - a read-only (or maybe moderated) list for the class scribe to receive and publish items
  • graytags@usafa-1965.org - a list for general class discussions

If you want to subscribe to one or more of these lists, please send a message to me: <tom.browder@gmail.com>.


Dick Umbarger, CS-17, reported as "gone but not forgotten" on 2011-05-27.


Gary Robison, CS-24, reported as "gone but not forgotten" on 2011-05-23.