Firefox on Mac OS X

Importing SSL Client Certificates

(Updated 2015-02-16)

Note: You will first need to download and install Firefox on your Mac. If you need help with that or any procedures below, please feel free to contact our class Mac OS X expert, CS-10 Alternate Rep Chuck Coleman. See his contact details here.

  1. Save the client certificate e-mailed to you by your squadron representative to your desktop.
  2. Open "Firefox".
  3. Under "Firefox" click "Preferences".
  4. In the box that pops up, select "Advanced".
  5. Select/highlight "Certificates."
  6. Select "View Certificates."
  7. Select/highlight "Your Certificates."
  8. Select "Import".
  9. Open the client certificate that you saved to your desktop.
  10. Enter the 29-character password you were given over the phone by your squadron representative.
  11. Click Ok to import the certificate.
  12. Restart Firefox.
  13. Check to see if you can access the "Classmates Only" quick link on the https://usafa-1965.org/ website.
  14. If you can access "Classmates Only," e-mail your squadron representative and so advise.
  15. If you can't access "Classmates Only," try steps 2 through 12 again and, if still not successful, contact your squadron representative (or Chuck Coleman, see note above) by phone.