U.S. Air Force Academy

Class of 1965

Class Statistics


Class Key Data

(source: AOG web site)
Appointed822 (Monday, June 26, 1961)
Graduated517 (Wednesday, June 09, 1965)
USAF: 507
Not commissioned: 8
Graduation speakerGen John P. McConnell, Chief of Staff, USAF
Presented commissionsGen John P. McConnell, Chief of Staff, USAF
Presented diplomasGen John P. McConnell, Chief of Staff, USAF
Cadet Wing Commanders
Alva Bart Holaday (fall)
Timothy F. McConnell (spring)
Rhodes ScholarAlva Bart Holaday

Class Database Statistics

Number entered Cadet Wing fall 1961756(est.)
Number joined later7
Number graduated517
Number considered classmates763(as a minimum; open for discussion)
Number in database763

Known deceased205(grad: 162; non-grad: 43)
Known living (have contact info)414(grad: 355; non-grad: 59)
Lost (status unknown)144(grad: 0; non-grad: 144)
Assumed living (counting lost ones)558(grad: 355; non-grad: 203)

Have address405(grad: 422; non-grad: -17)
Have phone376(grad: 386; non-grad: -10)
Have e-mail370(grad: 373; non-grad: -3)
Have TLS cert installed43(grad: 37; non-grad: 6)
Show on map127(grad: 106; non-grad: 21)
50th reunion plans54(grad: 46; non-grad: 8)