Site Project List

Open Projects

(generally ordered by current work flow)

add capability to transfer data to/from this contact database and a Google contact csv file coding started
algorithm for generating CS group pictures is not correct--note CS-24 TB picture and that of MH is noticeably shorter (bad edges 191, 193, 194, 196) not started
Beautify site, add bells and whistles ongoing...somewhat sporadic...getting better
Add a secure sign-in capability for access to private data Now using SSL client (personal) certificates--working successfully so far.
Subscribe all known e-mail addresses to news e-mail list We have collected many e-mail addresses; mailing list etiquette info added; initial message has been coordinated with Class President Bart Holoday.
Make status and news pages for 50th reunion not started
Add footnotes to all member pictures indicating contact data status coding started
Make a squadron picture for each squadron (when all accounted for) draft done for CS-24 as example
Make a page link for CS group pictures not started

Completed Projects

Load database with all known classmate contact data done (merged AOG data with all data collected as of now)
Add Lawrence Paul as a deceased member done, see "Class History" | "Lawrence Paul: In Memoriam" (have USAF T-33 accident report summary, AOG has no data)
Make different categories of classmates maps done, see choices under "Class Maps"
make a page for sqdn logos and history done, see "Class History" | "Squadron Logos"
get CS rep for each sqdn done, see "Class Staff" | group
Make class roster pages showing status of contact data: all, by first letter of last name, by squadron, and those without squadron affiliation done, see "Class Data": "Class Roster: and "Sqdn Stats"
Make a class statistics page done, see "Class Date" | "Class Stats" (but open to adding additional stats
add links to Lance Sijan's history done, see top of "Other USAFA Sites" page
Add a history page initial page generated, the one set of data (pics and words from 1961 Saturday Evening Post) is now complete
Add a page for POWs complete, see right-hand link "Returned with Honor: Vietnam War POWs"
Make a status page for squadron reports and 50th reunion attendees done, see "Squadron Report"