Cadet Squadron Reps

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1st GroupCS-1 through CS-6
2nd GroupCS-7 through CS-12
3rd GroupCS-13 through CS-18
4th GroupCS-19 through CS-24
Cadet Sqdn (CS) Rep Duties
  • Attempt to verify and keep current contact data or status of all fellow CS classmates (grad and non-grad).
  • Actively solicit CS classmates' permission to be shown on Class Maps.
  • Actively solicit CS classmates' 50th Reunion plans and encourage them to plan to attend.
  • Encourage CS classmates to obtain and install class web site secure certificates.
  • Act as POC for class web site data and issues for fellow CS classmates.
  • Act as trustee for web site security (e.g., verify e-mail addresses of fellow CS classmates).
  • Encourage all CS classmates to locate classmates (see the "Where Are they?" quick link on the home page).
  • Report all data and updates collected to the web master (preferably via the CS spreadsheet located in the "Classmates Only" restricted area).
  • Report "all present or accounted for" if and when the CS has found all CS classmates and obtained either current contact data or knowledge of their deceased status.
  • Ensure all CS classmates are aware of the class web site and encourage them to check it periodically.
  • Encourage all classmates to subscribe to the site news mailing list.